Todd Bentley, The Catalyst

I’ve seen a lot of hoopla regarding an investigation of Todd Bentley. Listen, this man would never have gotten away with his vileness in 2008 had he not been protected by Bill Johnson, Rick Joyner, Bob Jones and his gang of misguided supporters.

Todd Bentley’s fall from Lakeland, he attributed to burnout was nothing more than a sexual affair he had with an intern. His gruesome behavior was the catalyst that caused me to begin to question his antics and search for the truth. In that search, the Lord showed me the deception I had been under. I write about this man, the way he joined with others and how they band together to continue their deceptive ways.

This is why the truth must be told!

A Shared Deception; The Lies We Believed


4 thoughts on “Todd Bentley, The Catalyst

  1. Todd Bentley’s antics in Lakeland opened my eyes to the demonic goings on that have infiltrated today’s church. I just cannot understand why this has not been obvious to the charismatic church. But I suspect it is because those powerful leaders gave him their stamp of approval, and now they don’t want to go against their own “prophecies”.

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      • Hi M’Kayla,
        This morning the following statement from Jesus stood out from Matt 22.
        “You are in error because you do not know the Scriptures, or the power of God.”

        While spoken to the Sadducees, it’s a rebuke that all of us need to heed – to make sure that we do not share the same error in full or in part.

        Disciples of Jesus need to know BOTH the scriptures and the power of God. It’s not enough to focus on one at the expense of the other. Both played a vital role in the early church and their preaching of the gospel.

        For some reason (Satanic influence I’d suggest) the church long ago turned its back on the power of God, suggesting it was no longer needed after the canon of scripture had been compiled. In more recent years some have swung the pendulum in the opposite direction and have sought the power without the balance of a scriptural foundation.

        Both have produced detrimental outcomes to the church and our commission to take the gospel to those outside of the Kingdom.


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