Blog Talk Discussion About My New Book!

Tomorrow, 1/18/2020 I will be talking with Suzan Puzio, this time about my new book release.  Our chat is scheduled for 1PM Eastern Time.  Please feel free to call in with any questions that you may have!  If you cannot make the program it will be recorded so that you can listen when it is more convenient!

Thank you all, much love!

Link to Chat:

Blog Talk

A Shared Deception: The Lies We Believed

2 thoughts on “Blog Talk Discussion About My New Book!

  1. Dear M’Kayla,

    I have read your blog since you first started it. It helped me to know that my concerns about the “demonic” manifestations I was witnessing (& being subjected to) were indeed demonic.

    I have now read your book. All I can say is thank you for having the courage to confront this evil that has infested the church (or should I say religious system) today.

    I have some information and a question that I would like to get to you before your blogtalk program with Susan tomorrow. Do you have an email address that I can use to forward this info to you?

    Thank you & God bless you.



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