A Shared Deception Book Update

I am aware there are issues with my manuscript in the e-book and I am working diligently to identify and fix the typos.  I worked very hard on the text and cannot explain how I  managed to publish with so many errors, as quality of work is always important to me. Please accept my apology that these things got past the editing process. You have all been so kind! Thank you all for your graciousness and for your wonderful support  – and for the two brothers who had the guts to come to me with details!! Thank you guys for having my back!

I am thankful the Lord gave me the opportunity to be of help, to right the wrong that I once participated in, and this awesome experience to self publish. It is indeed a process of learning many things just as it is a realization of a long-time goal. The paperback is also underway and I have other writing projects in my head.

Your prayers for this continued work is appreciated and I will also ask that you pray the Lord grant me the perfect employment opportunity according to His will.

If there are sections in the book you would like me to further explain, please let me know. I am considering some future short booklets to address some of them a bit deeper.

May our Lord bless each of you, as we battle together and carry out the mission of the gospel of Jesus Christ!

In His Love,


14 thoughts on “A Shared Deception Book Update

  1. Hi M’kayla;
    Editing your own material is SOOOOOOOO difficult due to the fact you often are reading out of your memory rather than scrutinizing the text itself. Very easy to read right over errors. One trick I like to use when I edit my work (I don’t have any help in that area) is I use a text to speech program (in open office program) and have it read the text to me out loud as I read along. I will ‘hear’ many errors that I would probably miss if I was just visually examining it. It’s free help and very useful to me.

    The current deception worsens with each passing day, and it is vital the Church discerns the errors that are hindering the Gospel; but let’s also be very careful NOT to dismiss or discredit the true manifestation of the Holy Spirit and God’s divine miracle working power at work in this generation.

    There are no gifts, callings, offices, or manifestations of the Holy Spirit of God which were in operation in the early Church that are not available to us today. The ‘cessationalism’ doctrine promoted by many today is NOT a godly counter to the current veins of deception; it is without doubt part of the many lies Satan is using to hinder God’s people!

    Paul Benson


    • Thanks Paul, I never thought of that, great suggestion. I agree with you regarding the gifts as I have never found ANY solid biblical teaching that they have ceased. I addressed it in my book. Blessings to ya!


  2. I purchased your book last week. While I absolutely understand the desire to have the book published as correct as possible (think that’s every writer’s desire!), I must say the material contained within far outweighs any typo or surface issue. Thank you for having the courage to put your hand up and share your journey from the fraudulent to the glorious truth of the true Gospel!


  3. A clarification about Bethel church. When bill johnson took over the leadership there, from his father, it was an assembly of god denomination. because of bill’s doctrines, the church split. the AOG people now have their own building, not too far away. bethel now is not associated with any denomination. bill believed churches should be, directly or indirectly, under apostles. bill is considered to be one of those.
    bill had been a pastor in weaverville, a small town in the trinity mountains. maybe 25 miles northwest of redding.
    in weaverville he had there a friend, kris valloton, who repaired deisel transmissions. kris has no formal bible training. kris says that he has the ability to see into the spirit world. he says he had that ability before becoming a christian. kris is the lead prophet at bethel, and is bill’s second in command.


    • Larry, very interesting details! I became aware of Bill Johnson when I joined the healing rooms (IAHR, under Cal Pierce, based out of Spokane, WA.) I listened to a recording the morning he announced the decision to move from AOG. I know this entire movement ala John Paul Jackson believes spiritual gifts are given upon birth and not necessarily after salvation. I don’t believe any of them have had true bible training or if they have, set it aside to follow and embrace doctrines of demons.


  4. a couple more bethel memories:
    back around 2011 at bethel, some people reported seeing bill’s dead father walking around in the auditorium there.
    also, in the spring of 2012, kris was preaching for about an hour on a sunday evening.
    his whole sermon was “prophecy”. he predicted that within a year, instead of usa, china would be the country to come to the aid of other countries who experienced huge national catastrophes, like tsunamis, earthquakes, or volcanic eruptions. as he was preaching, he appeared to be smirking. most of the audience took this as a “word from God”. but they soon forgot this, looking forward to the next “word”. i was there, and did not forget, but simply waited–in vain–for the fulfillment, remembering Deuteronomy. God will not be mocked!


    • “He appeared to be smirking”. Why would he be smirking when speaking the word of the Lord. (he thinks) I don’t understand what you are telling us? Please elaborate.


      • to answer two queries here:
        first, the appearance of “bill’s dead father” was actually a demon. you are correct there!
        second, Kris appearing to be smirking (I was there) during his “prophecy” sermon indicates to me that he knew he was not speaking from God, but seemingly took pleasure in deceiving the audience. Because his predictive prophecies did not come true, we know he was not speaking from God. see what God says about prophets whose prophecies do not come true. please note that Bethel offers training in how to become a prophet, as a weekend training conference there at bethel – redding. the training manual has as its chief author, Kris Vallotton. I do not think he is qualified, but rather is likely to include much that is true, but his training will and does result in many becoming false prophets.
        study Deuteronomy 13 & 18, and Jeremiah 23 and Ezekiel 13. these chapters speak about false prophets and how to differentiate. also helpful is the last few verses of ii peter 1 and the first few verses of chapter 2. i hope this helps to answer your questions.
        for further help, i recommend the book: “God’s Trademarks” by George Otis. subtitled, “How to determine whether a message, ministry or strategy is truly from God”.
        Also recommended: “The other side of the river”, by Kevin Reeves, subtitled, “When mystical experiences and strange doctrines overtake his church, one man risks all to find the truth … a true story”.


  5. Hi,

    I have the same problem. I am one of the translators at a small ministry Goldmine Media. We ALWAYS let somebody else check our translations, because you tend to ignore your own mistakes and typos.

    Usually there are three people involved with each translation. One translator and two people checking.

    If you like I can offer you to check your manuscript and translate it into Dutch at the same time.


  6. I do not believe in ghosts. What we see when we see “ghosts” are truly demons taking on the form of someone we may or may not know for the purpose of hood winking the victim who is the viewer.


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