A Shared Deception Book Update

Hi Everyone! My revised e-book has been accepted by Kindle and the updates will be available in 24 hours. If you have already made a purchase your device should have the option to automatically update at that time. Thank you all for your patience, love, and support. I will be reviewing it one more time on my end. Please keep sharing!

Book Link – https://amzn.to/2qN65Ya


I am aware there are issues with my manuscript in the e-book and I am working diligently to identify and fix the typos.  I worked very hard on the text and cannot explain how I  managed to publish with so many errors, as quality of work is always important to me. Please accept my apology that these things got past the editing process. You have all been so kind! Thank you all for your graciousness and for your wonderful support  – and for the two brothers who had the guts to come to me with details!! Thank you guys for having my back!

I am thankful the Lord gave me the opportunity to be of help, to right the wrong that I once participated in, and this awesome experience to self publish. It is indeed a process of learning many things just as it is a realization of a long-time goal. The paperback is also underway and I have other writing projects in my head.

Your prayers for this continued work is appreciated and I will also ask that you pray the Lord grant me the perfect employment opportunity according to His will.

If there are sections in the book you would like me to further explain, please let me know. I am considering some future short booklets to address some of them a bit deeper.

May our Lord bless each of you, as we battle together and carry out the mission of the gospel of Jesus Christ!

In His Love,


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