My mother often told me that she thought I was the woman or the persona of Norma Rae. If you aren’t familiar, Norma Rae is the character portrayed by Sally Field in the title of the same name. Norma Rae Webster was a high-spirited, determined woman who, in 1978, worked tirelessly to bring a union to the unfit working conditions of the textile mill she and proceeding generations were employed. And not gainfully, I should add. My mother had a way of reminding me of who she understood me to be even at my most dire moments. I lost her several years ago unexpectedly and as many of you can relate it is not a separation easily accepted.

Even so.

My other identity rests upon the inkling of one brother, who as I realized my first apartment after divorcing, connected my earnest desire to rise above my circumstances to womanly success and attributed my convictions to Mary Richards. This character was portrayed through a successful sitcom also in the 1970s by Mary Tyler Moore. Again, a woman, high spirited and determined, even successful. You remember the song – You’re gonna make it after all.

The truth is, I didn’t bring a union, and I didn’t make it after all, as far as the world’s standards, that is. But in these present times, unprecedented times which of us can claim any real fame. As followers of Christ, who would care? After all, are we not called to bring Him glory?

So here I am at 2 am in complete rebellion to sleep, writing a new type of blog post, with The Help for the billionth time playing in the background. I seem to gravitate toward stories about teachers, writers, overcomers, or some sort of combination. I struggle with my laptop keyboard because of a broken and unattended fingernail, which throws my typing equilibrium entirely off-balance.

I gave up my Mary Richard’s-like life in pursuit of what I believed my life’s dream. I packed, moved, tried, failed, and in the process spent lots of money. Life, even with its basic demands, is expensive. I moved again, found a job with THE worst employer-management company to walk the earth, and nearly lost my sanity and my health. I quit, thinking I would quickly find one more suitable. I was wrong. More failure, more loss, more expense.

So while you, the good people of the world, now struggle with financial issues due to loss of gainful employment, while stuck to endure some form of quarantine-shelter at home-border restriction order, I realize that I already have experience in these limitations. After all, when we aren’t employed we don’t spend, travel or celebrate. So in a sense, I’m about 6 months ahead of ya’ll in the quarantine horror.

I have been able to secure a temporary position in an “essential” position. Still, next week that will end, and afterward, I will again join you in the ranks of unemployed, uninsured, wondering what will be my, our next gig.

We are in this together, and I, for one, will attest that the Lord will be right there to support, protect, and provide as He always has for His people according to all He has promised. Come what may.

Never doubt. Stay close.

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