Musings of an American Girl

I’ve put off writing for so long that I can’t seem to pound the words out from my swimming mind to my keyboard. 

We here in America have found ourselves swept up in a tide of a sort of craziness none of us were genuinely prepared to witness, much less became a part of.  After all, how can one prepare the mind to for the pervasiveness that has gripped our nation this past year? 

Once upon a time, I was much more political than I am now.  Anyone who read my earlier posts regarding Barak Obama’s antics will probably remember the fight I put up at what was then proposed ObamaCare. Then, afterward believing him guilty of treason, I contacted the Republican Party for their help, whose response was for me to send them money. That was pretty much the end of my belief in politics, and any remaining trust of politicians that had ebbed over the years. 

In comes Mr. Trump, successful, determined, a real example of male narcissism, though I don’t hold that against him as most successful leaders share that same trait, men and women alike. We cheered when he beat the pants off Hillary and won that first election because none of us wanted to see her hold the highest office of the land. Something on that side of the political arena rose up after her loss, a shared anger, a jealousy, and with it a growing darkness held in common among those sorts of people who aren’t accustomed to losing.  From there, it festered and grew into the malicious lying heap of garbage that now resides not within the American government but as the American government. Is this new? Nah! It’s always been there way, but its darkness within our leaders has deepened and developed into what we now witness. 

Just hang on to your butts, cuz it will get worse!

Our constitution dictates that we are a free people as granted to us by our God, the Creator, and our government was formed primarily to protect us from the destruction of outside powers including all we see the government now doing. Yeah, there’s other stuff but in the beginning there were few rules for America the Free. However, the deep reaching need to control not only crept in, but over took their minds and hearts, resulting in an uninvited governmental power over every aspect of our lives, even the right to life and to breathe freely.

The media, or journalists, whose job it is to risk their lives to get to the truth for the the American public has been reduced to nothing more than a group of flying monkeys performing the bidding of the narcissitic government officials they bow to.  I wonder how as human beings they can continuously lie and still sleep and eat as though they have done no wrong.  

Humorously, many Christians once hung on every word of the fair and balanced Fox News, whose female reporters, painted and waxed looked more like ladies of the night than professional journalists. Oh but wait…they’re just script readers, after all. No real risk there, just polish those lips and wax those legs, don the stilettos and watch the ratings climb! 

Listen, I have no doubt in my mind that the November 2020 Presidential Election was rigged. I believe this because I believe most politicians, especially those with an overreaching need to control are capable of anything, and they proved this in 2019 at their first attempt to impeach Trump. They proved it again with their joint refusal to stop the rioting and destruction that has taken place in our cities this past year. They proved it back in the days of Obama, Biden and Hillary with Black Lives Matter which was nothing more than a plot to further divide the American people. And they’ve succeeded. They proved it when they stole land and way of life from the Indians, destroying their God given freedom!  They’ve promised, yet done nothing to help America forgetting that the offices they hold are that of public servants, and instead have pulled every source of power, possibly that of Satan himself to get whatever it is that they want from us and they will continue to pull from that power. 

All the work and time invested in saving the election and keeping Trump in the Oval Office failed. And what are we left with? Lies upon lies. Lies so deep that we many never know the truth. 

And that my friends is the way of the American government. 

3 thoughts on “Musings of an American Girl

  1. Bless your heart. You said “Well I have no doubt that the election was rigged in 2020” Does that mean you have proof – reasonable – rationale – or even plausible other than unsubstantiated demagoguery?


    • Hello there Richard. I wanted to ask ya… do you really expect the lady, or anyone else, to engage with you in a political discussion (discussions that get heated so easily) when you start with an implicate, sarcastic and passive aggressive insult like “bless our heart”.

      I do believe MK is a southern girl and knows it as an insult.

      And because you start out with an adhom fallacy and end up with a non-sequitur fallacy – I doubt your going to get anyone to engage with you because it is readily apparent to me that if the lady provided you with reasonable, rationale and plausible proof the election was rigged you would just shrug it off and not consider it seriously.

      Unless you’re suffering from confirmation bias, there are tons of people online giving what they and others believe to be “reasonable, rationale and plausible proof the election was rigged” – you could go out there and consider it and logically and reasonably with factual data-points refute them – or even MK.

      Is it possible you already have your mind made up and your just looking to pick a fight that would be fruitless to almost everyone at this point in our history?


      • Thanks Damon. I rarely approve these types of comments because most often they are written to create arguments. They are not written by people who know the Lord or of so, their authors need to take some time to understand how we are to speak to one another. As the title states , it’s a muse, and written clearly enough without needed explanation. God bless you!

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