Crowder and Dunn – Be Warned

I said I wasn’t going to post the crap from Crowder and Dunn (Sons of Thunder, Santa Cruz, CA) but with the joining of their wives and Beni Johnon (Bill Johnson, Bethel, Redding, CA) it seems important for others to be aware of these jokers and where their support and adoration are going. This is beyond spiritual drunkenness and who knows where it will end for them and their followers. I can’t imagine anyone taking them seriously as Christians, much less allowing their children to become involved with them.

Be warned – these videos are most offensive!

tokin’ the ghost

John Crowder – Magic Carpet Ride

Crowder at the grave of John Alexander Dowie – Also I would like to point out the healing (false) connection between Dowie and John G. Lake, and later with Cal Pierce – International Association of Healing Rooms. Bill Johnson and he are friends, Bill is on the board of directors.

Wakey Wakey Whacked Words

Ray brought to my attention the blog of Beni Johnson (the wife of Bill Johnson, Bethel Church in Redding CA, USA) Beni is doing a women’s conference this weekend – Girls Just Want to Have Fun – with Lili Crowder (wife of the heretic John Crowder, who, along with his apostate pal Benjamin Dunn formed Sons of Thunder, now in Santa Cruz, CA)  If you have kiddies keep them from these mad mystics! We can see how far off base Bethel is headed now.

From Ray-

Found this piece of profound insight on Beni Johnsons blog.I knew that Bill and co were off the mark, but it would appear that Beni is the one drinking from the weird well.Her comment about ” seers” reveals plenty of where her heart is.Wasn’t sure if this was the right place to post this , but it seems to fit here.

Several years ago, I was talking with one of our seers. (A seer is one who has the ability or gift of seeing into the spirit realm.) We were talking about the prayer house. There had been some strange ungodly happenings going on around the house. She told me that there was an illegal communication line going into the prayer house. Obviously, this was something that was not legal and needed to be taken care of. I knew I needed to pray and get God’s solution to this intrusion. As I asked God, I felt like I was to take the shofar to the prayer house and blow it there. So I went early one morning with a friend, and when the sun came up, I blew the shofar. That is all I did. I didn’t pray. This was the first time I had ever used the shofar. I really have no idea why. I had never been a fan of blowing the shofar. Someone had given me one and I thought they were cool, but didn’t think I would use it for anything. But little did I know?. Because of the strange happenings going on and our prayer house being open 24/7, we had brought on security staff to watch over the place. So, after I blew the shofar that day, I waited a week and went to our security guy and asked him how the week had gone at the house. He did not know that we had blown the shofar the week before. His response to me was, “You know, the strangest thing happened this week. There was no weirdness. It all has left.” I was so excited and I knew that the sound of the shofar had released the sound of heaven that displaced the evil intent. Since then, we have used the shofar from time to time to release a sound into the atmosphere. Just like in the declarations that we pray, the same power that is released when we declare is the same power that is released in sound. God’s first language is not English, nor does he just use words to fulfill His will. That is the adventure of serving Him. Listen for His voice and be a releaser of the sounds of heaven!

From Me:

Oh my! Blowing the shofar, huh? Wasn’t that done for a call to worship, a call to assemble and something holy?? As far as I know, women didn’t blow shofars. But listen, this new agey thing she is saying and this is certainly not new. But the sound that releases _______ into the atmosphere. We hear that same thing from so many – Kim Clement, Joanne McFatter, Chuck Pierce…many others.

Jesus is the New Covenant. When do we read the disciples blowing a shofar??? It is the old way, the old covenant and even then it didn’t have supernatural powers!

God’s first language is not English, nor does he just use words to fulfill His will. God’s first language does not have to be English, but it is the language many of us, including Beni speak when we speak to God. but that second part – He doesn’t just use words….meaning what, that God uses sound??? or??? Chapter and verse, please Beni! Can’t you just see the demons running around playing right along with these games? Even supposing the action was demonic we aren’t told to blow a shofar, but to pray. but then again, who can say what is meant when the “seer” (gag) told me that there was an illegal communication line going into the prayer house. What does that MEAN? More vain imaginations. She could have gotten the same effect by using a kazzoo.

I didn’t find this on her blog. (Can you send me the link?) But I did find some other things just as strange and misleading. Pied Piper.


Their hypocrisy knows no bounds!  I wanted to show you just how stupid this prophetic (not) stuff is getting.  Some of you will gag, some of you will laugh out loud. In honor of the girls theme I am using the color pink for my comments for added fun.

March 16, 2009


Angels are among us! They come for a lot of reasons. There are different kinds of angels: messenger angels, healing angels, fiery angels. Ok, Angels are messengers period. They do not bring healing. Does anyone know what a fiery angel is?  Maybe the one who brings the fire when they call out “Fire! Fire!” I think that they have been bored for a long time and are ready to be put to work.  So, the angels who were created by God have grown bored. Is she kidding with this? I thought angels did the work of God, not the work of man, not -especially- the work of Beni Johnson! They are here to help usher the Kingdom of God into our realm. As we begin to recognize that they are among us, we will begin to see more angelic activity as we pull heaven to earth. This is dominionism at it’s creepiest. They actually think they are creating an atmosphere different from the one God created. Is she suggesting that the work of the cross by Jesus Christ, the son of God did not usher in the kingdom of God here on earth? Sounds like it to me. Better watch out.

One of our students came to our Supernatural School of Ministry from Wales. Before she moved here, she had a major encounter with God. She was woken in the middle of the night because the presence of God was so strong in her room. She could see a visible cloud in her room, (remember this is what Todd Bentley refers to as “the Glory”) and she waited on God to see what He was saying. Then God said to her, “I want you to go to Moriah Chapel and say ‘wakey wakey.'” She thought, “You want me to do what?! I’m sorry God, but I’m not doing that!”  Good idea to question this directive! Then He said to her again, “I want you to go to Moriah Chapel and say ‘wakey wakey.'” Ok. Do any of you reading this actually believe that our Almighty God uses words like wakey wakey? At that point, she knew that if she didn’t do it, she would regret it for the rest of her life. The next day when she got to the chapel, there were a lot of people outside. She said normally the chapel was empty. She asked God why there were so many people there and He said to her, “Because I had to tell you twice.” And had she not gone she would have avoided the humiliation completely! She stood outside of the chapel and whispered “wakey wakey” because she did not want anyone to hear her. God then said to her, “Is that how much you want revival in Wales?” She then stood there that day and yelled at the top of her lungs, “WAKEY WAKEY”!!!  This must be the new summons for the revival genie.

Nothing happened for about five minutes, so she turned around to cross the road to go over to a shop. time to shop! As she turned around, she felt the ground begin to shake and heard this huge yawn. Dig it! A YAWN! She looked back at the chapel, and a huge angel stepped out. All she could see were his feet because he was that large. A huge angel so large this person could only see his feet, yet he walked out of a chapel. I’m assuming the door. So, what, did he suddenly grow as he passed through the door frame?  I am thinking Hulk here. She asked him who he was, and he turned to her and said, “I am the angel from the 1904 revival and you just woke me up.” Isn’t it amazing and astonishingly prophetic that these guys always hear from revival angels of the past?  1904 – does that make him the Azusa angel? But the most intriguing part is that he was ASLEEP! She asked him, “Why have you been asleep?” The angel answered and said, “Because no one has been calling out for revival anymore.” What crap. True revival is on the hearts and lips of all believers as they utter their prayers for such to God! But hear the repetitive message that no one is doing what they should be  – over and over we hear this! She then asked him if he was the angel that was going to bring the next revival. He told her no because the next revival would bring in many more souls for the Kingdom. Who knows what that means as it makes no sense to me. Since the angel has awoken, he has been seen by many others around Wales. Let’s get this ironed out. Ok, assuming this story is even true —The angel was awakened from his sleep by the summons Wakey Wakey to bring revival, ordered by God, only to say that he would not be bringing revival? Are these people on lsd or what? Do they read this stuff before it goes to print?

I don’t know about you, but that would really get me excited! Having a visitation like that would really shake you up. I like angels. When you talk about them, they like to show up! And when they come, they bring the presence of God. They do? I never realized God needed angels to bring His presence. Being the Almighty Creator and existing before any of us including the angels, I would think He would have that worked out.  My!  The implication of her words!

In the last couple of months, I personally have become more aware of the angelic activity in this realm. One of those times was when we were on a prayer trip to Arizona. A group of us had decided that it was time for us to take a prayer trip down to Sedona to release more of God’s Kingdom. In doing so, we rented an RV and drove from Redding, California, (where we live) all the way down to Sedona, Arizona. Along the way, we would stop and pray if we felt impressed to do so. Of course, Sedona where all the new agers and witches congregate!

One morning as we were driving up over Tehachapi Pass and coming down into the Mojave Desert, I began to feel angels. The closer we got, the stronger the impression felt. I could see them everywhere! Whenever there are angels present, I get very animated and excited, (Funny, that in the bible when grown men saw angels they were filled with fear and had to be reassured they were ok! But Beni and her gang are special.) knowing that God is up to something big. I announced this to the group and said, “We have got to stop! We have to stop somewhere.” (potty stop) We found an exit, took it and drove into this little town. We didn’t really know what to do or where to go. We just knew that something was going on and we needed to find out what. As we drove around a corner I said, “I think that we are going to wake up some angels here.” No sooner had I said that than we drove past a hotel to our left and, no joke, the name of the store was Mariah Country Inn. When I saw that sign, we immediately remembered the wakey wakey story from Wales. Moriah and Mariah are not the same names. But what the heck, it’s only off by one little ol letter, right? We knew we were to turn around, get out of the RV and wake up the angels. I wish I could convey to you the energy and the quickness of how God was working. Yeah, this is something that was failed to be mentioned in the bible. We are so glad we have you to fill us in tho on how these things really work. We jumped out of the RV, I blew the shofar and rang the bell, (wait – rang the bell? the bell? now I’m hysterical – every time a bell rings an angel gets his wings! I guess that’s what she was doing then, huh?) and we yelled “WAKEY WAKEY.” We got back into the RV and drove off. As we drove off, hilarious laughter broke out! like hysteria We were stunned at the speed at which this all took place and were spinning from the adventure and the angelic activity. What in the world had just happened?! Heaven collided with earth. Woo hoo!! Something collided all right but I very much doubt that heaven and earth collided seeing as we are all still alive. So at the end of the day what did God do here, exactly! After all the excitement and showfar blowing and bell ringing, decreeing, giggling girl style, what exactly happened?? Oh, Nothing!

Since that time, there has been a stirring in me to awaken the angels for use in this Kingdom reign that is upon us here on earth. I have shared these two stories in other places and have done a prophetic act of waking up the angels: having everybody cry out, “WAKEY WAKEY!” I know it is strange but it is very effective.

Where do these people get this stuff?  They just run around all over the country doing these strange things in the name of God with no biblical basis whatsoever. Guess who’s funding all this fun? Again, I am reminded of the false prophetic word John Kilpatrick was given – RESURRECTION (go here). Kinda close.

One more story: yippie! We were having a conference here at the church. Randy Clark was our speaker along with Bill. Yes, Randy and Bill often “minister” together. Randy had lost his Bible somewhere at the church. We couldn’t find it anywhere. One of our gals who enjoys God’s angels  – yippie – and gets pretty wacked when they are around, was standing next to a friend of mine. She announced that there was an angel right by her. He had been helping us look for Randy’s Bible. He said to her, “Then why don’t you ask the angel where Randy’s Bible is.” She did. When she did, she turned and walked towards our administration building. She walked right into Bill’s office, got down on the floor, looked between the couch and table and there was his Bible. Angel is another name for a spirit guide or as the bible calls them familiar spirits. Not the same as the angels who are in heaven, but more of the fallen type that took sides with Lucifer…you know the story…

Angels are here and they are among us. Be ready to use them when you are supposed to. We do not worship angels, nor do we command them around, but we should not be ignoring them either. How exactly can we “use” angels especially since she says we cannot command them. Isn’t wakey wakey commanding them to awaken?  Hello? They are here to carry out God’s Kingdom. We have noticed that they also like having fun and being among us. They have been sent to assist us, and we need all the help we can get. I, for one, am ready and willing and God is releasing more! So get ready. They will come at times when you least expect it!  I am sure the “angels” that gather around Beni and her gang have a great time. I am sure the upcoming stoopid, drunk, tokin the ghost party will be a blast.   Too bad it won’t be so much of a party to find out who was behind all this fun at the end of days.


Someone really needs to wake up but it isn’t the angels.

Beni’s blog    (just in case you think I’m kiddin’. And you will see this wakey wakey thing is a part of her life now. Impartation coming soon to a city near you.)
There is no fear of God  – none.   He has been reduced to their “pal”,  a god of their own understanding and making, therefore they are free to do as they please. Yes, I am making fun of her in this article. Her actions and teachings are so stupid that I can’t believe she has put them in print, much less on the internet! But what these people do to the name of Christ is not funny. Being a 5th generation pastor as Bill is so quick to point out, he is without excuse to allow this mess to go on.  And one day this woman will no longer be laughing as she is now. Where is the humor in maligning the word of God and the work of angels?  These claims she has made are not in the bible, not one of them.
If you run with Bethel, run the other way. It’s time. I have already shown you the false teaching behind the healing rooms in which Johnson is a part of. We’ve seen them join forces with and protect Todd Bentley and we know where that went. We have seen them come together just recently with IHOP and the hosts of the Toronto Blessing.  We know they follow the direction of the false prophet Bob Jones. This is the next step of darkness.  Their joining with Crowder is a really bad move but it does show us who they really are. The love of the truth is not in them.

More Bad Water

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Spiritual drunkenness. Want to see what a drunk looks like?  Go to a bar and watch and then watch this video. It’s the same bodily movements and descriptions. Carol Arnott – the more she speaks the more she gets knocked by that spirit. It is not the Holy Spirit, but do you think those in the audience care?  And her husband John who says they’ve had more fun in the last 15 years than is probably legal. Really? Tell that to Christians in other countries who are tortured or martyred for their genuine faith.

Here are a couple of my articles that address these issues if you haven’t already read them:

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Spiritual Drunkenness

I’ve avoided the whole John Crowder/Benjamin Dunn scene because they are so disgusting they are beyond mention. If you want to watch them “toke the ghost” you can find them on youtube easily enough. I can’t get into it here as I find their videos to be nothing but an outright mockery of God.

Their women are teaming with Beni Johnson (Bethel) to do a women’s conference –  Girls Just Want To Have Fun (wasn’t that a Madonna song?  Oops nope. It’s Cyndi Lauper, but of course the most recent recording is Miley Cyrus! Who do you think these Crowder women are getting these messages from?)

Crowder says “its like girls gone wild in the glory”.  Is that supposed to be some kind of compliment?  Or maybe it’s telling of  just what kind of spirit is behind this movement. Then there’s the list of women throughout history who have impacted revival. hmmm.. Whose revival?

Still don’t think Bethel is going contemplative? Crowder is. Listen to the description of his upcoming conferences toward the end of the vid. Birds of a feather…

If you can bear it, watch the video. It links to their own youtube site.

Girls Gone Wild Just Want To Have Fun (links to vid)

Crowder at John Alexander Dowie’s grave (links to vid) and will give an idea of where he gets his “anointing”. (I’m having problems with this link but you can find it on his right sidebar if it doesn’t pop up.)

When I saw IHOP, Bethel and John Arnott (Toronto Blessing) team together I thought that was it. No. Bethel teaming with the Crowder/Dunn gang is beyond it. But, I fear it is still only the beginning. So, if its ok to be drunk in the spirit, now they will be wasted in the spirit. What an outrage before our God!  What vain imaginations!

They say that abortion is the ruination of America, God is judging. But, what about the outright mockery these people have made of Him? We may need to rethink exactly what it is God will judge us for. Lou Engle and all that hot air going out on abortion and his solemn assemblies…He’s right there in the mix.

These people claim faith in the Jesus Christ who died for their sins, the One who made it possible to connect them back into relationship with God the Father. Yet they deny Him with their words of false teaching and prophecy. They deny the true person of the Holy Spirit.  What is left for them now? Their Savior has already come. Who is left to save them?