Swapping One Lie for Another Part 2


Quotes from: “Strange Fire Conference”, “God’s Plan for Giving “part 2, “Abusing the Poor” and “Widows in the Church” part 1 by John MacArthur

The simplest way to put this is to compare what John MacArthur says and teaches and then compare that to the Word of God. This is not expository preaching, if one reads the scriptures that he is quoting and then listens to his meaning of it; it becomes clear that he is not following the Biblical standards he, himself proclaims to follow.

image“Abusing the Poor” sermon video 1 mark 8:31 “The third option is, that the true measure of any gift is the attitude with which you give it. Is it selfless, humble, surrender, expressing love for God, devotion to God and trust in God?….. The widow we are told, had the least left behind, gave the highest percentage and must of had the best attitude.”

imagevideo 19:14 mark “and all of these and combinations of all of these(referring to ALL the commentators and their interpretation of this scripture) have been defended, by virtually all those who write on this text. Teachers have waxed eloquent on all of them. Now at this point I will confess to you that in spite of the popularity of these views, in spite of the universality of these views, none of these explanations makes any sense to me, none. In fact all of those interpretations are imposed on the text. And you know how I feel about imposing things on the Bible text. Not good.

Quote from Strange Fire Conference “Testing the spirits” session:

image“And when Jesus saw the widow put in her last mite into the temple offering…..He said this temple is going to come down, not one stone will be left on another. I don’t know what you have been taught about that story about the widow giving her last two cents. That was NOT an example of Christian giving. God doesn’t expect you to give your last two cents and go home and die. That’s what happens to a widow who is suckered by a religion of works. She was trying to buy, with her last two cents, her way into the kingdom; because that’s what she’d been taught. And Jesus said any system that sucks people down to the place where they have nothing left, in a false hope is coming down and it did.”

Quote from “God’s Plan for Giving” part two:

image“so he calls his disciples and I say unto you the poor widow has cast more in than ALL they who have cast into the treasury. You say wait a minute, that’s no big deal; for all they did cast in of their abundance; but she of her want, did cast in all the she had, even all her living. You say how did he know that? He knew everything. She only had an eighth of a penny left and she gave it. Wow, you say it’s not very significant, it won’t do very much. It was significant because she gave everything friends and you can’t give anymore than everything. The point that Jesus’ is making is this, that, that is sacrifice and that is the essence of giving and the ultimate sacrifice would be to give everything. The least money was the greatest gift. What does this teach us about giving? Does this teach us to tithe? No. It teaches us that we are to give sacrificially and maybe that means everything we have. Certainly it means more than we are giving now and I say that for myself as well.”

Quotes from “Widows in the Church” Part 1

image“Truly I say to you, this poor widow has cast in more than all they who have cast into the treasury, for all they did cast in of their abundance but she ever want did cast in all that she had, even all her living.” And here we see the godliness and the devotion of this dear woman who having nothing gave it all. That’s the spirit of generosity in the heart of one devoted to the worship of God.”

Really trying to keep this short and to the point. Simply comparing what he says in these three sermons it is apparent that he is teaching error. Note also that all of these are still on his website as teaching tools and wrote a book on “God’s Plan for Giving“  Which means he is still teaching both accounts of from this scripture.

I don’t know if the quote he makes at the Strange Fire Conference, about the widow is in his Strange Fire book or not, I will not purchase it to find out.  He has written over 150 books, including his own “Study Bible” and one has to wonder, in his footnotes and commentaries, which version of the widow, saved or lost, deceived or devoted he presents? And which Jesus he presents, the one who commends the widow on her sacrificial giving, or the one who is immensely displeased and angered by her actions of giving all she had to a false religious system that she was deceived by?