Jesus Appearing?

From killertrumpet

In case we have forgotten-

Todd Bentley reading prophecy given by Wendy Alec (GodTv) in which Jesus says He will come the following night. He never showed up.

Todd yells at God and calls for angels, cheered on by a crowd in the frenzy of demonic deception. They probably showed.

This will probably be my last post on Todd Bentley, at least for now. I put up as much information as I could to warn against the fact that he is getting ready for a return. The word used by him, Rick Joyner and Bill Johnson is “restoration”.  That is a scary notion given the fact that Todd has not changed. The only thing new about him is his wife and his location. He has been primed for this moment and once he gets the podium back more will be led astray and others will continue into deeper deception. I hope and pray you are not one of them.