Honor of Men


has again revealed some interesting and peculiar information regarding Bethel Church and the plans of Bill Johnson. Go on over and take a look at the home page photo of some kids sucking up the mantle or anointing of some dead guy. We have seen this same behavior from Cal Pierce, John Crowder and Benny Hinn. I believe  this is called necromancy, a practice warned against in the old testament.

Then while you are on that same home page, click on the link “God’s Generals” for the video of the  upcoming library, prophesied by Jim Goll born of a dream he had a few years back.

I didn’t think  God gave honor to man, but we are to be looking to Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith. If that is the truth then why do we need to study artifacts to know what path God is leading us on today?

Be careful who you follow. You may confess Christ as your savior now, and that is a very good choice. But if you begin to follow false teachers and false prophets you will be parting from your “first love”.  Some say we cannot lose our salvation. I cringe at the thought that our own bad choices may prove that thinking to be wrong. If the teacher is  not taking words from the bible, but from other sources, who is his god? Are you willing to risk everything to find out?

Todd Bentley Does Not Have The Gift of Healing

Bart at Heralding Truth went to Todd Bentley’s “Outpouring” in Reno, NV a couple of months ago. He reports via video and proof thereof, Todd Bentley is NOT a healer. Todd Bentley does NOT have the gift of healing that he claims to have. We know this because NONE of the people Todd laid hands on and prayed over, proclaimed healing for, commanded healing of were actually healed. This means if you attend his meetings expecting an impartation of a healing gift, or expecting an actual healing you will recieve squat in return.

Go here to watch the 13 minute video. (Heralding Truth sadly is no longer in operation.)


“Please pray for me and jess HEALTH A nasty flu bug is hitting around. We need to be full strength for Seattle and Yakima. Resting up today!” [Todd Bentley, Twitter, January 27, 2011, http://twitter.com/iamtoddbentley ]