I am sure this event comes as no surprise to anyone. I have known about it for quite a few years and that it was deviant, pagan, sick. This year I am in Nevada and had the opportunity to watch “burners” at Walmart purchasing copious amounts of water and supplies, rendering the shelves barren of stock. It was creepy, apocalyptic. as I watched, I couldn’t help but wonder how many  had no idea of the darkness they would encounter over the next week of their lives. The following article linked below has stunned even me.



Know Your Enemy from The Fuel Project

This is the first part of a teaching series entitled Know Your Enemy which exposes the connection between the original fall of man, pagan god and goddess worship and practices, the occult, Catholicism, Islam and all the symbolism that connect us to modern day. I am in the process of watching these videos and have never seen anything like them!  It is no wonder God has been so strict that we not mix with other practices. Yet, here we are!

I highly recommend this series from The Fuel Project!