He Speaks in the Thunder

Several days after the legalization of same sex marriage by the Supreme Court, what I have since come to call as the ruling of fools, there came a quite storm in my area. I watched from my balcony as it intensified, thunder so loud and so intense that I truly thought the earth was breaking in two. I love the sound of thunder and rarely has its sound ever made me afraid…but this time was different. This time that thunder scared me good. It made the hair on the back of my neck stand up, it gave me chills that stayed for a long time. It made me stop and take notice.

Through the thunder there came mighty bursts of wind and rain, which became quite cold and soon turned to hail, the wind blowing it in all directions across my balcony, catching in the trees, even tossing it down my tank top…(tmi….sorry…it was funny).

I do remember asking why He wasn’t throwing fireballs instead of the cooling rain and wind. And I know the time is not yet, though it comes. The storm brought fear and awe of the Most High God. I love a good storm and I believe He still controls the weather, no matter how slight, no matter how fierce. I used to struggle with that, now I no longer do.

At one point I looked up into the sky and the falling rain looked like drops falling onto a water puddle. The rain drops looked more like they were hitting water than they looked like they were falling, tho they were falling. I know this was an amazing play of light, and of all the rain I have seen, after nearly 10 years of living in Washington, where the rain never seems to stop,  I had never seen that before. It was an amazing sight. I was like a little kid seeing something wild for the very first time.

Then, I saw it. The rainbow in the sky, so profound and so timely, the beautiful colors shining though a grey and dim sky.   And then, not just the one, but two bows in the sky. It was the Creator’s one-two punch to all who could see, who could hear. I found myself on my knees in tears in absolute awe and fear of God…His love, who He is…what He has done…what He still will do…though we really can’t fathom. It was an amazing moment that moved me so deeply that there are not words to capture all I felt in those moments.

I would say that the things that are getting ready to take place, the things that have happened behind closed doors, the evil that men and women plan and do have not escaped the eyes of El Elyon, the Most High God.

There indeed is a storm coming and his holy bow will not be compromised. We know the rainbow to be beautiful and awe inspiring; we know it as His promise to not destroy the earth with rain again. (Genesis 9:13-18)  However, the bow is also known as a symbol for war.

It is He Who speaks in the thunder. Hear Him.

2 Samuel 22:14 The Lord thundered from heaven, And the Most High uttered His voice.