Viciousness – A Rant

This is a rant.  I am amazed  – I am appalled at those on blog sites who are out of control with their mouths and their words. These people have nothing nice to say no matter what the subject is. They rant, rave, make ugly comments, falsely accuse with long long long, I am talking unending-ly long posts – that bore us to the point we want to slam our own heads into our own pc screens, screaming out in our boredom as we have forgotten- what was the topic??? – in the effort of getting thier nasty point across to anyone who can force themselves to endure the mind bending, brain boggling TORTURE of why exactly their accused is wrong, stupid, unenlightened, uninformed, judgmental, twisting words and their meanings – we are talking get the dictionary – into something that was never said, never meant, never implied, you name it  – fill in the blank_____! 

I have seen this so much on other sites. A person simply does not agree with a topic or opinion and off they go!  I mean,do these people feel they have finally come into their special life’s calling which is to make others feel bad for breathing? And that it is their special gift is to share it? Cuz, WE don’t agree with you on this special calling, so spare us the trip through your poisonous unending, uninvited swamp of nasty name –callin’ down the fire of God on you sinners -word swap.

We don’t do that here and I am thankful those who have come in can disagree, and remain civil. (We really haven’t had real disagreements here yet.) I didn’t realize blogging was such a spitting contest! My goodness! Some of us really HAVE forgotten all that we learned in kindergarten!

Thank you, thank you for playing nicely with the other kids!

Whew! End of rant…hysterical laughter…