The Dangerous Teaching Methods of Kenneth E Hagin- Junker Jorge

A fellow blogger, ex word of faith-er put this up on his blog. It is very much worth the time to read or to pass on (as he requests at the end of the article).  I will add that anyone following the whole latter rain-kingdom now/dominion-manifest sons of god garbage which is also evident in the healing room ministries of Cal Pierce, and all those under NAR  fall into this teaching. It does not have a foundation in the word of God!  It is the foundational teaching of what I warn about here. We also see the comparison in the article I recently put up, No Sweat.

The Dangerous Teaching Methods Of Kenneth E Hagin (links to article and the blog of Junker Jorge)

I sat under the teaching of Kenneth Hagin for fourteen years. Over these years I read most of his writings, attended his school, sat in his classes and listened to hundreds of his sermons on both CD and tape.

Nothing in my experience as a Christian has damaged me more. I am not alone. Millions of others have been led a stray by this very popular and false teacher who has reproduced himself in other ministers such as Joel Osteen, Creflo Dollar, Mark Hankins, Frederick Price, Michael Murdock and Joyce Meyers.

His teachings are extremely dangerous because of four basic reasons:

1) He teaches Scripture out of context. He only uses Scripture to fit his doctrines and stories. Not reading Scripture in the context of which it was written is the fastest way into error.

2) Many of his writings were stolen from EW Kenyon. Kenneth Hagin plagiarized massive amounts of Kenyon’s writings. EW Kenyon started out as a Free Will Baptist, but became a passionate student of Christian Science and New Age teachings. He attended a New Age college and was seen at many lectures. He blended Christianity with New Age, Christian Science and Eastern Religion. Hagin then plagiarized these writings for years.

3) Kenneth Hagin also taught the Bible in light of the eight visitations that he claimed to have received from Jesus Christ. Joseph Smith also claimed extra revelations. Kenneth Hagin taught for decades, using his claimed visions to back up his spin on Scriptures. The Apostle Paul warned again ts this in the First Chapter of Galatians. Hagin taught on many things which are never taught in Scripture.

4) Kenneth Hagin claimed to be a Prophet and claimed to have been to Heaven where he received special revelation and instruction from Jesus. Kenneth Hagin would warn his students and followers with many horror stories and testimonies from those who would not receive him. This has resulted in thousands of honest and sincere Christians to become brainwashed and manipulated. The Word of Faith has become a dangerous cult that controls it’s members with spiritual intimidation and erroneous, manipulative teaching from Scripture that has been twisted out of its intended context.

If you know anyone that is caught up into this dangerous cult, then please paste this article and send it to them.