the evil in dark places

Just a little thought I had a few minutes ago. I was sending an e-mail to help a reader who asked for my advice. In referring to the false teachings going on these days I had this thought. It’s a little strange, but true. And since we’re dealing with some pretty strange teachings and manifestations, well…why not?

Did any of you ever watch those old black and white vampire movies? (I used to be horror crazy.) Remember, there was always some creepy guy watching out for the vampire, keeping him safe from the outside world – hidden away in the darkness. He was always quick to protect and maybe even give his own life for the vampire. He had nothing of his own and was sometimes portrayed as trance -like, as though under the influence of some unseen force.

It isn’t my intention to be cruel, but think about those who follow and protect the false teachers and prophets. They are very quick to lay down their all for the sake of the teacher, the vampire. Some are so entrenched they no longer see the truth, and have long forgotten what life was like when they lived purely for Jesus Christ. Just like the creepy movie character, they protect the evil hidden in the dark places.