theology vs experience

The comment we don’t change our theology according to our experience comes from Cal Pierce. I don’t know if he picked up this little comment from someone else or if it was of his own  making.  He is the first person I heard say it, and now many are echoing this ridiculous statement.

I have not changed my theology according to experience.  But when I began to doubt what I was being taught and when I saw that people WERE NOT being healed, saved or delivered I went to the bible and Strong’s concordance to see if those teachings were true. They were not.  Obviously, Cal Pierce and his followers, including those who have made their life’s purpose to mimic him have adopted this cute saying. They do not know the word of God, they know the words of themselves or those of demons.

If you don’t know he is the man responsible for reopening the healing rooms in Spokane, WA originally started by John G. Lake, now operating as the International Association of Healing Rooms (IAHR). There are something like 1,000 of these healing rooms scattered throughout the world. This is the minstry I had been involved with that made me stand up and take notice of what was being passed around and taught to others under the guise of a “Christian healing ministry”.

Anyone following in Pierce’s footsteps or those of Bill Johnson, who is on the IAHR Board of Directors, read the word against thier claims.  I was a big “fan” of Johnson’s too.  Why would any man or woman of God endorse or support Todd Bentley who is a proved fake and a very dangerous person??  Gracegracegrace!!!  Bill says.  oh star-struck brother, watch out!