More on the Outcry

I’ve recently found out that Against the Outcry (a group blog who spoke out against Dutch Sheets’ Wilderness Outcry and who posted some of my articles) will be closing their blog soon . Since the Wilderness Outcry has been canceled, the blog has served it’s purpose. If you have been planning on doing some reading but haven’t made it over there yet you may want to visit soon before it is gone.

update – Against the Outcry is no longer available and has been removed from my blogroll since the writing of this article.

It has been our hope and prayer that those following Dutch would have had the opportunity to view the material posted and have seen the truth. It has been said that there is a group of “intercessors” who have claimed a new purpose in going to “god” to find out who was behind that effort. This is nothing short of evil. And to raise up a group of intercessors for the purpose of what… I cannot say or imagine what they are thinking! Where could this lead?

And as a side note, good for them! As Americans they have the right to stand against this craziness coming to their own city, to stand and say this will not happen where I live and work and pay taxes, this will not happen where I raise my children!

Please pray for the safety of those involved and for the salvation of those who participated  purely for domestic reasons and do not know Christ. What must it look like when groups like these come in the name of Christ and yet do not speak His gospel, yet speak of an effort to take over the country, forcing others to join..or…what…be imprisoned…die?  This  has been the concern of some who have spoken against this gathering of Dutch’s followers. They wonder what will become of them if they do not join forces and “convert”.  How much does this resemble Islam? How about socialism?

My reasons  for speaking against this movement and the NAR as a whole can be found throughout my blog, so I won’t restate them here. I can say the cancellation of this meeting was in fact an answer to prayer. What right does this group have to instill fear in the minds and hearts of those who believe differently than they? What right do they have to twist the meaning of the gospel – the very reason Christ died – for their own realized fulfillment of some dream or vision?

What is Christianity coming to?

For anyone reading with this same concern, please know that it is not the way of Jesus Christ to force His teachings on anyone. We have all been given a free will to decide whether or not to follow Christ.  In His own words He told His disciples that His kingdom is not of this world.  And so anyone supporting a dominion  – take over the country or world for the sake of holiness /righteousness/purity – viewpoint has not come in the name of Christ, no matter what else they say.

But Christ did die, for all of us. And one day their will be a judgment of how we lived our lives and who for. So I beg you, on that day find yourselves counted among those who stood for Christ!

John 18:36 My Kingdom is not of this world. If My kingdom were of this world my servants would fight so that I would not be delivered unto the Jews. But now My kingdom is not from here.

Romans 5:8  But God demonstrates His own love for us, in that while we were still sinners, Christ died for us.

John 14:6 I am the way, the truth and the life. No man comes to the Father except through Me.

Revelation 22:12 And behold, I am coming quickly, and My reward is with Me, to give to every one according to his work.

No Crying Out at Wilderness Outcry

I’ve just received word that the “Wilderness Outcry” hosted by Dutch Sheets has been canceled, claiming lack of funding. I have been writing about/against this since I first heard about it. See articles under “Dutch Sheets” for more info.

Praise God!

Here is the link to the article written by a local paper in Missouri which was sent to me by Against the Outcry, a local blogger group who took a great stand against it.   Read on: Lack of Funding…

A Little Info on the Nazirite

RE: Lou Engle, The Call, and the upcoming Wilderness Outcry and his obsession with the Nazirite,  just for kicks here’s a quick look at “Nazirite from Wikpedia

Not to be confused with Nazarene (sect) or Nasorean.

In the Hebrew Bible, a nazirite or nazarite, (in Hebrew: נזיר, nazir), refers to one who took the ascetic vow described in Numbers 6:1-21

. The term “nazirite” comes from the Hebrew word nazir meaning “consecrated” or “separated”.[1] This vow required the man or woman to:

  • Abstain from wine, wine vinegar, grapes, raisins, and according to some — alcohol[2] and vinegar from alcohol
  • Refrain from cutting the hair on one’s head
  • Avoid corpses and graves, even those of family members, and any structure which contains such

After following these requirements for a designated period of time (which would be specified in the individual’s vow, and not to be less than 30 days), the person would immerse in a Mikvah and make three offerings, a lamb as a burnt offering (olah), a ewe as a sin-offering (hatat), and a ram as a peace offering (shelamim), in addition to a basket of unleavened bread, grain offerings and drink offerings, which accompanied the peace offering.

The nazirite is described as being “holy unto the LORD” (Numbers 6:8), yet at the same time must bring a sin offering. This contradiction has led to divergent approaches to the nazirite in the Talmud, and later authorities.

A nazirite can groom his hair with his hand or scratch his head and needn’t be concerned if some hair falls out. However a nazirite cannot comb his hair since it is a near certainty to pull out some hair. A nazirite is not allowed to use a chemical depilatory that will remove hair.[16] A nazirite that recovers from Tzaraath, a skin disease described in Leviticus 14

A nazirite can groom his hair with his hand or scratch his head and needn’t be concerned if some hair falls out. However a nazirite cannot comb his hair since it is a near certainty to pull out some hair. A nazirite is not allowed to use a chemical depilatory that will remove hair.[16] A nazirite that recovers from Tzaraath, a skin disease described in Leviticus 14

A nazirite can groom his hair with his hand or scratch his head and needn’t be concerned if some hair falls out. However a nazirite cannot comb his hair since it is a near certainty to pull out some hair. A nazirite is not allowed to use a chemical depilatory that will remove hair.[16] A nazirite that recovers from Tzaraath, a skin disease described in Leviticus 14, is obligated to cut his hair despite being a nazirite.

The nazirite (except for a Samson-like nazirite as stated above) may not become ritually impure by proximity to a dead body. Causes include being under the same roof as a corpse. However a nazirite can contract other kinds of ritual impurity. A nazirite that finds an unburied corpse is obligated to bury it, even though he will become defiled in the process.[

The tradition of the nazirite vow has had a significant influence on the modern Rastafari Movement, and elements of the vow have been adopted as part of this religion. In describing the obligations of their religion, Rastafari make reference to the nazirite vow taken by Samson. Part of this vow, as adopted by the Rastafari, is to avoid the cutting of one’s hair. This is inspired by the text of Leviticus 21:5 “They shall not make baldness upon their head, neither shall they shave off the corner of their beard nor make any cuttings in their flesh.” The visible sign of this vow is the Rastafarian’s dreadlocks.[34][35] Some Rastafari have concluded that Samson had dreadlocks, as suggested by the description stating that he had seven locks upon his head. Others interpret Samson’s “locks” to have been simple braids.

Additionally, the Rastafari are taught to abstain from alcohol in accordance with the nazirite vow. They have also adopted dietary laws derived from Leviticus, which accounts for some similarity to the prohibitions of the Jewish dietary law of Kashrut.

Follow Wikpedia link above for more info

So, where’s Jesus in this? I would think this is part of the Old Covenant and old ways having nothing to do with Jesus Christ and the New Covenant, the fulfillment of the old! So if we are going to call people to the nazirite vow, then let’s teach them to obey and fulfull all these requirements. We can’t just pick and choose. God takes our vows quite seriously! Like I mentioned in my previous post, if Lou is a Christian he will do well to turn from this practice and teach repentance and the true gospel, making disciples, not Nazirites!

A Word Against the Wilderness Outcry

A Word Against the Wilderness Outcry

Against the Outcry

The following is a comment I put up at the blog linked above. This is a group of people – Christians and Atheists who are against the upcoming Wilderness Outcry coming to their hometown in Missouri this June. The blog has linked some of my related articles to help get the word out. Please pray that the deceitful teachings of Dutch Sheets and Lou Engle be revealed to the people. Their false doctrines and silly ideas are damaging to the true faith!


We need to put this in its proper perspective. Dutch Sheets and Lou Engle are part of what is known as the NAR (New Apostolic Reformation) under the leadership of C Peter Wagner. They subscribe to the latter rain doctrine (Dominionism/Kingdom Now/Manifest Sons of God) which teaches that in the final days God will pour out His Spirit in a way that He never did in the past. They believe there will be an end time army of believers, taken from Joel 2 that will have supernatural ability never before experienced. Some of them will achieve a sinless state, embodying Christ Himself. It is complete heresy!! This is the driving force behind what is called Joel’s Army or Engle’s The Call, the Nazirites. They also believe God has called them to take dominion over the earth, in all 7 areas of influence, aka the 7 mountains – religion, entertainment, media, education, government, etc. They believe this can be achieved through these prayer/worship/fasting gatherings.

What their teachings and beliefs come down to is their own personal interpretations of scripture. They take the words of the bible out of context to support whatever dreams or visions or prophetic words they claim to have had. They throw out any regard to what the scriptures truly mean or who is being addressed, but use them for their own purposes. Much regard and importance is given to their own subjective supernatural experiences which is known as experienced-based theology, having no basis in the truth of the word of God. Their followers who trust and support them do so at their own detriment, but believe they are fulfilling the call of God and that they have been called to this service being forerunners or having special purpose or ability above that of a normal Christian. These movements are very dangerous, very deceptive. Once people become wrapped up it is very difficult to show them the truth.

I am a Christian. I believe in the word of God as it is written. These people, even tho they use the name of God and throw scripture around do not speak for true Christianity. It is very important for us to make that as clear as possible. They are liars and have their own plans and purposes aside from anything God has done, outside His will or purpose. All anyone has to do is to read the bible to find this out. It is not hard to see the lies.

Numbers do not have special purpose, nor are they ever used by God to communicate messages to His people. This is numerology and is used in the occult, a practice of divination forbidden to us by God. (Leviticus 19:26) To confirm this, scan the bible and see if God ever used numbers or a grouping of numbers to speak to people. You will find He did not. There are some who call themselves Christians yet teach numbers have meaning. (I know because I took their courses, only to find out the truth later.) And to multiply that number gives that meaning more emphasis. This is why the number 7 is expressed as 777, or 4 as 444, etc. A little research into numerology will confirm this as true. The bible was written without the numbering system as divided into chapters and verses. Man did that to make it easier to read, study and refer to. So the little scenario of 444 acres being Isaiah 44:4 is questionable since God didn’t use the numbering system anyway!!

This connection with Nazirites is part of the Old Covenant, having nothing to do with Christianity. It is old and should be put aside, not practiced or encouraged. Jesus Christ is the fulfillment of the Old Covenant and is the New Covenant. We call ourselves Christians because we follow Christ and His teachings and His ways. If we are to take on a vow of the Nazirite we need to be aware there is more to it than just the vow in itself. So, these followers may want to ask themselves if they are ready to follow ALL of the rules and requirements of a Nazirite because there’s more there than just getting caught up in the emotional moment and making a vow. (God takes vows seriously!) Again, this is like a buzz word, making Lou Engle look as tho he knows what he is talking about. He does not – otherwise he would teach all the requirements of a Nazirite. If he is truly a Christian he should take a closer look at what he is telling people because he is teaching them to do something other than what Christ does. In effect, he is causing a separation between Christ and His followers!

Being a Christian I must point out that upon salvation we are given the indwelling of the Holy Spirit who is Jesus Christ living with us, guiding, directing. The Holy Spirit is not a separate entity, but what is known as the third person – Father, Son, Holy Spirit. He reveals Jesus Christ. He has nothing of Himself for He is God. The Lord does not visit His people in special places. There are no longer places on earth set aside for worship or visitation. This was symbolized when Jesus was crucified and the curtain in the temple Holy of Holies was torn in two. It signified man now has access directly to God, not longer needing a priest or sacrifice to go before Him.

God treats all people as individuals and while we are called to pray we cannot repent on behalf of our nation and expect that will change things. It will not. Change will only happen when people recognize their need for a Savior, when they recognize Jesus Christ is the mediator, the one who came to reunite a sinful person with a Holy God. A God who loves us so much that He (Jesus) died for us. When we recognize this need and turn from our own selfish needs. we look to the needs of others, esteeming them more than ourselves, we can only truly love or care for another through the love of God Himself. The key aspect to anything we do is to preach the gospel. This other stuff is something other than true Christianity and I feel it of the utmost importance to show the difference as best I can. This world will continue it is sin and destruction until the return of Jesus Christ. Mankind will not change this nor will he ever be granted dominion in the way the NAR intends. They are far from the truth and must be exposed.

I have links to resources where much more information on these topics have been compiled in greater detail. I will be happy to supply them if you wish.

We are warned repeatedly in scripture of false teachers, prophets and doctrine, and that others will come in the name of Christ. This deception is very old. Please know there is a coming world leader who will take over control for a time. He will be political and religious and is known in the word as the antichrist. He will seem to be a man of peace, but only for a time. This is why it is of the utmost importance to know the difference between the true Christ and the imposter(s) and to be prepared.

The disasters on the earth happen because the earth itself is fallen. I do not believe this is God judging anyone yet. But that will come. These people who claim the storms and earthquakes, etc are judgments of God have no real way of knowing that with any certainty. To claim that we can come together and pray to avoid further devastation is an outright lie. Sheets is using fear to motivate others to follow him, manipulation is considered a form of witchcraft! It is enough to know that God allows the storms and disasters and there is no way of knowing if we will be included in the next one or not. Please be ready for what is to come on the earth.

Jesus said My Kingdom is not of this world – John 18:36
The promise and work of the Holy Spirit – John 14:26, 16:7-14
The purpose of Christ – John 3:16-17

Funding The Third… whatevertheycallit


I got this in my e-mail and wanted to point some stuff out. I don’t think Dutch is actually hearing from God, being part of the New Apostolic Reformation (NAR), joined with C Peter Wagner.  He has some valid claims about America in this e-mail, but I don’t believe this is the way God intends for Christians to spread the gospel, or recognize and fulfill their God given responsibilities as His children and as followers of the faith. And as you might guess I doubt that any true born again believer has to travel to some place of special anointing to hear God or to be awakened to their destiny. Why? Because Christ is the anointed One.  So, there is great doubt as to what gospel Dutch and those like him are actually spreading as I don’t seem to find any truth in their NAR or Word of Faith (WOF) doctrines.

I’ve added some links to some of my writings to help pull this together.

Remember, Dutch is looking for those who have not bent their knee to Ba’al to pull this off financially.

December 9, 2009

Dear Friends

Greetings and blessings. I trust you had a great Thanksgiving and will have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday season. Like many, this is one of my favorite times of the year. I always find myself taking a fresh look at the wonder and mystery of Christ becoming one of us. The story still amazes me.

Christ never became one of us. He is God incarnate, fully God, fully man. This statement is a big woe.

Over the past year many of us have watched with “shock and awe” at the speed and undisguised efforts of our President and Congress to reshape America and rewrite her history. It has been terrifying.

I agree with this statement, as it has become so blatantly clear that Obama and those he has employed have no regard for sound Christian faith or the American people.  Except that it is not the responsibility of the government to uphold the faith, but it is the work of the Christians.  (See how this kind of fits with the Manhattan Declaration. The same buzz word “unity” which is a biggie right now even in the charismatic circle. See the references to the US Constitution, founding fathers intent, etc., and the claimed call of God to stand for these things in America.)

Link to article on New Age Spirituality in Manhattan Declaration

But, God has not given up on America and neither should we. His heart and passion still consumes us and we continue to hold fast to our faith that He is coming with a great awakening and outpouring to this nation.

I question where Dutch gets this idea of a great awakening and outpouring. I know that there have been true revivals in the past. But never by any of these new apostles.

Like many, we are working very hard, doing our part to see this come to pass. (I have been on the road 24 of the last 33 days.) It is a joy to travel across our great nation. My life theme now is to light fires of awakening and sow seeds of reformation. America must have both! Thank you for allowing me to share my heart with you.

Work, work, work. It’s my job and yours is to pay me and my troupe.  Really tho. Who wouldn’t want to travel this great country, stay in fine hotels and have your meals prepared by great chefs!  How hard is that?

If Dutch’s life theme is to light these fires, what have the rest of the Christians been doing all these years? What about the true and faithful pastors and teachers, called to preach and teach the word? Are they nothing? I know there aren’t many of them anymore, but don’t count on these guys bringing much to the table, either.

Along with the normal travels and activities I continue to do, I am working on three huge projects I’d like to make you aware of.

Link to my article  – awakening or just wake up?

First, we have begun a tour called the Awakening and Reformation Tour, in which we plan to go to 30 – 40 cities over the next 18 months. It is a significant endeavor, with 7 ministries and several members of my staff going to each city. The purpose is to announce and release awakening. I believe the Lord told me we are not waiting on Him for the awakening we’ve cried out for – He is waiting on us – and that if we would go He would empower and anoint us to release the spirit of awakening across the nation.

I thought believers were already equipped to preach the gospel through the indwelling of the Holy Spirit.  What is a spirit of awakening? Are we asleep?

The first two tour gatherings have been tremendous and we believe this week in Houston, and each one in the future, will be even more powerful (please go to for schedules and more information.)

Why will the meetings gain in power? Does the God gain power when He is moved from place to place as in this tour?

The second project is a large outdoor, 3-day gathering in June of 2010 called Wilderness Outcry. The way God has sovereignty orchestrated this gathering with dreams, divine encounters and events has been amazing.  All subjective. We all know how questionable these spiritual encounters are and how dangerous they can prove to be. We’re expecting 100,000 – 200,000 people. The event has so much wind of the Holy Spirit on it that I feel it may end up being the most significant event I’ve ever participated in.

Wind of the Holy Spirit? What does he mean by this statement? Has anyone really felt the wind of the Holy Spirit other than those described in Acts 2? Why can’t the rest of the body feel this wind? I guess it’s another one of those – “come and get some” events.

I truly believe it has the potential to help launch the Third Great Awakening in America. Hmm…didn’t they say something along those lines about Todd Bentley?? You can get all the details by logging on to The third project is one I have mentioned to you before, but due to the possibility of the idea being stolen I have not given you specifics. (One organization has already tried to steal it.)

This statement is what really bothered me the most and got my true attention. I guess Dutch thinks this word from God was for him only and he had to guard it so that he would be given the credit for hearing and obeying. If this was truly of God, wouldn’t others hear the same thing? Doesn’t it take the BODY to accomplish the purpose of Christ? I guess not if you are an anointed apostle like Dutch.

This project has the potential of impacting our nation in a huge way for many years. What we are working on is an American heritage and prayer Bible containing hundreds (close to a thousand) of quotes and facts from our nation’s founders, early leaders, educators, government officials, etc.

So now we will have access to the word of God and the intent of man all rolled together. I am not against learning about and standing up for our constitution. I am against this man’s ideas and his claims that he has heard this from God. And besides, the word was given to all men, not just those residing in America.

These quotes completely disprove all of the efforts to revise our history and Christian heritage. They prove our Christian roots and God-given destiny, our founding fathers’ intentions, and completely disprove the lie of the separation of church and state.

Each quote is footnoted from a pertinent verse of scripture.

So they can prove what they claim is biblical even though America is not mentioned specifically in the bible.

The information in this Bible is more powerful than you can imagine. So it is more powerful than any bible we have received so far.  Families, individuals, young people, students, leaders, etc. who use it as a devotional tool will be incredibly impacted – overwhelmingly so – as they realize God’s hand in the forming of our nation. The idea for this Bible came in a powerful visitation (again subjective) from the Lord and I have a deep faith that it will be one of the tools God uses to help us recapture His dream for America!

What dream did God have? You better believe this bible is one to avoid as more than likely it will be founded on WOF and NAR charismatic crazy doctrine.

The Bible will also contain close to a thousand short quotes on prayer to inspire and motivate people to pray for America.

So, the command to pray out of obedience is not enough. We have to have a historic motivation.  Besides, why are these elitists always harping that little guy doesn’t pray enough?

It also will have a copy of the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and other important documents in the index. There is nothing like it. We want to get this into the hands of every young person possible (as well as older folks, of course), because most of them know nothing about our true heritage and God-given destiny – it has been completely stolen from them. We intend to distribute hundreds of thousands of these Bibles and also to develop Bible studies and other spin-offs to help disseminate the information. The potential of this project is staggering. We have been working on it for over two years!

As you can imagine, the cost of these three projects is great. We have had to bear the load of heavy up-front costs for the Bible – I have over $250,000 invested in it so far – without being able to raise funds (because of the need for secrecy.)

Why again this need for secrecy?

It has strapped and stretched us greatly. We also had to front approximately $30,000 for the Awakening Tour, and now I’m now being told I need $100,000 immediately for all of the up-front contracts for Wilderness Outcry, the outdoor gathering this summer.

Why do these men do this? Why do the insist on creating these debts and expect other to foot the bill?

If you have followed our ministry in the past, you know I am not one who regularly makes appeals for finances and I never use manipulative strategies.

Oh. So, telling people God has said…and then asking for cash is not manipulative..???  As tho anyone of us wants to willingly disobey God. ugh.

But with all of these expenses, combined with the ailing economy which has effected giving, Dutch Sheets Ministries is in a more desperate situation than we have ever been in. Without a significant financial breakthrough by the end of this month, we will have to lay-off several staff members and put some of these projects on hold. I do not believe this is what God wants.

Maybe this is the will of God, seeing as the entire country is in a state of need with starving children, so many out of work, losing homes and investments by the bazillions, creating a homeless people situation by the thousands who have nothing other than to walk the streets. And God is going to say give your money to this man so I can awaken you, so I can give you this Americanized version of the bible?….

I, for one, have been praying that God would remove these false teachers, prophets and evangelists and that He would open the eyes of those who have been blinded by their lies and deceptive teachings. So, if this kingdom Dutch built is crumbling, I have to say God is answering my prayer.

Any help you can give us at this time will be very appreciated. If some of you can give significant gifts, they are very needed. And, finally, if you know anyone, or perhaps a foundation, that you feel might want to help in a significant way with this Bible (we will need at least $500,000 more to finish the development and print the first run) and would be willing to pass on this information to them, we would be grateful. Also, please pray with us for the breakthrough we need at this time. We’re confident God is going to provide.

Somehow I don’t think this is the intention of our Father, but we all need to settle that for ourselves. Send Dutch hundreds of thousands in cash and let the poor starve and freeze. And have a Merry Christmas in the meantime and a happy and prosperous New Year.

Can anyone say One World Religion?

Link to article- kingdoms

With a grateful heart,

Dutch Sheets

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