3 thoughts on “Prayer for Bob DeWaay

  1. @M’kayla

    I went to Twin City fellowship website to see if there was an updated on Pastor Bob health issues. I just found out tonight was is going on with Pastor Bob and what was causing his illness “my heart sunk” I called Orrel Steincamp to see if it is true. I will continue to pray for his quick recovery. I know God will take care of him.

    By the grace of God and this man’s article helped open my eyes to the truth of the NAR and WOF. WOW I am in shock but I still thank God for this man.


    • Yes Teresa, I too was saddened to hear the news. It just goes to show that we are all the same and in need! And thank the Lord for His saving grace, mercy and love. Bob has been a wonderful, positive influence and help to me during this time of “deprogramming” and his work will continue to edify me toward the Lord.

      Thanks for expressing your love and concern! 🙂


      • Amen!!!!!!!!!!!! I thank the LORD for Bob. The LORD is not done with him yet, as he is not done with any of us. I amen you comment about God’s mercy and his saving grace.

        I to struggled for years with an eating disorder; it is still a thorn in my flesh. I to kept it a secret for years. I still do not tell people because of their lack of understanding and the way they treat you. The LORD kept me the whole time because I should be dead.
        The LORD will finish with Bob what he started. I honor Bob Dewaay and his commentary’s. I will still read his writings and support him in anyway possible.

        M’Kayla thank you for all you do as well.


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