Wolves in Sheeps Clothing Contacts Catalyst

Another blogger friend and sister in Christ who has had ongoing situations with Jacob Prasch concerning his doctrine has also made this statement. Please follow the link:


We too have contacted Catalyst/Graham Baldwin concerning Jacob Prasch/Moriel

My dear friends and bloggers at closingstages.com who also contacted Catalyst.


We are letting as many as we can know that we too have contacted Graham Baldwin. The spiritual abuse that has taken place over a long period of time and has gone unchecked has to be stopped. Many have suffered greatly and still are.

“If you have suffered in any way by your involvement with Jacob Prasch/Moriel Please contact our helpline in complete confidence.”


We need to encourage, care and support each other. Praying  for all who have suffered and are suffering, you’re not alone. If you have been or if you know of someone who has please share this information with them.

1 Corinthians 12:25-26

That there should be no schism in the body; but that the members should have the same care one for another. And whether one member suffer, all the members suffer with it; or one member be honored, all the members rejoice with it.

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The Madman Under Investigation, Rightly So.

Recently, it was brought to my attention that Jacob Prasch of Moriel Ministries has been under somewhat of an investigation by an organization called Catalyst. Following is the video hosted by Mr. Graham Baldwin explaining the nature of the investigation involving Mr. Prash’s actions and behavior with an invite for others to come forward.


Moriel Ministries, a 501(c)(3) non profit corporation in the USA is run by 3 trustees – James (Jacob) Prasch, David Lister and Marco Quintana. Moriel Missions – a UK registered charity is run by Prasch and Lister. Their media man calling himself Josh Chav has uploaded a number of defamatory videos to the Moriel YouTube channel on their behalf and has published Moriel messages on their Facebook – neither of which allows free comments or right of reply. Having made a number of false and extremely defamatory accusations against certain Christians and their ministries, Graham Baldwin of Catalyst Counselling (www.catalystcounselling.net) challenges Moriel and their supporters to examine the evidence for themselves.

Following a copy of the e-mail I sent to Mr. Baldwin in response to his video. For those of you who are reading this and are unaware of previous experience with Moriel, you will find a link to a previous post in the body of the letter, along with the mention of others who were also involved at that time.

Dear Mr. Baldwin, 
I am contacting you regarding the behavior and treatment that I and others have experienced at the hand of Jacob Prasch, a man upheld by many as a man of God. I am the blogger, M’Kayla Kelly at M’Kaylas Korner, and the unnamed friend mentioned to you in the letter from Mike and Pat Rogers. I will assure you the events that Mike brought to your attention during the summer of 2016 regarding our experiences with Moriel via Tim Wirth are correct.

After watching your video and discussing recent events with my friends, I cannot stay silent. I have a blog that exposes false teaching of the International Association of Healing Rooms, the false healing movement, and the false prophetic, of which the Lord delivered me in 2008. It was during my research that I came upon Moriel and Jacob where I received help with some of the things I needed to understand. I believed him to be true to scripture, and even purchased a couple of his books, which unfortunately I found to be not so helpful. 

I had been on first named basis with Tim Wirth and considered him a brother in the Lord and friend by way of internet contact though we had never personally met. Through personal messages through Facebook I asked Tim the question regarding women teachers, specifically if Jacob is against women teaching then what is his stance on women who expose false teachers on a public blog such as mine. This began a very long diatribe between us and one that Tim would not settle as he continued a banter with me for a good amount of time. I should still have these conversations in my archive.

What did come out of it is just as Mike described to you, even after I posed my question directly to the Moriel website, it went unanswered, and instead, I and my friend were compared to the likes of Joyce Myers and called names. We were horrified, and yet now understand this behavior is normal to the way Jacob operates.

I went public on my blog to expose this work, and shortly thereafter was contacted by numerous people, one of which was Deborah Menlaws. I remember our communication went on for several hours that day well into the night and for sometime after that. I had also been contacted via e-mail by a woman who had serious experiences with Jacob many years ago, a description  of events so serious that she stated nearly destroyed her personally as well as her ministry.

Since that time I have had numerous conversations with others regarding Jacob as many are either put off by his brash behavior and angry rants, or who tell similar stories of personal encounters with him. Despite the public exposure regarding my experiences I still see people endorse and follow him and have read comments from women who seem to fawn over him, nearly in a state of worship. 

I am often accused of being the one who is in wrong, that I am interfering with the work of God in belittling my work in comparison to his, or that I should have done more to connect to Jacob on a personal level. No matter the excuse, people still refuse to see the truth.

My first article begins here – https://mkayla.wordpress.com/2016/07/13/an-encounter-with-a-madman-or-two/ and from there you will see the connection between myself, and my friends, Mike and Pat Rogers at https://closingstages.net and Treena Gisborn at  https://bewareofthewolves.blogspot.com

I join with you all in agreement that Jacob needs to be held accountable for his crude and unkind behavior he so easily displays toward others, as to continue is to disparage not only brothers and  sisters in the Lord, but even more so, the work of the cross to which we are called to uphold in Christian love and truth. It is distressing that others  who are considered leaders know of his behavior yet continue to work with him side by side as in acceptance and agreement with his inexcusable behavior. 

And just as he is doing with David Nathan, as with others, he needs to be held accountable for his own false teaching that he is so quick to deliver including the videos posted to our blogs, edited by Tim Wirth. 

I will be making a public address with this e-mail posted to my blog, again, in an attempt help others see truth and find healing, can have cc’d the Rogers and Treena in this e-mail as part of continued communication. 

Please know that you are welcome to contact me. Thank you for your diligent work. 

In Christ,

M’Kayla Kelly

I would like to remind my readers who may be in dissent. If James Jacob Prasch would stick to the word of God and actually obey the teachings regarding how believers are to talk to and treat each other, we would be in a much better place. We can disagree but we are called to do so in love and to bring scripture as proof. All of his arrogant ugliness does nothing but bring division, despair, and destroys the work of believers in bringing opportunities for salvation and discipling others.  It must stop and we all need to speak up.

A Berean

Worth a repeat. Blessings on your journey as a Berean.

m'kayla's korner

Since the time the Lord brought me out of the false healing movement (International Association of Healing Rooms), the false prophetic and false dream/visions it has been my hope to help others see the truth. Through the leading of the Lord, his great love and mercy, I have seen that take place, time and again. During the past 8 1/2 years, I have learned a great deal and oftentimes the learning has been the result of the gifts and love of my brothers and sisters in Christ, most often than not, other bloggers as well as my readers.

For these moments I am deeply grateful as I have seen the Lord bring together believers who were, and still are without a meeting place. Yet, it was in the early days, between the months of April, 2008 and June, 2009 when I, like Mary, who sat at the feet of Jesus…

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Signs in the Heavens

I’ve been pondering and doing some research the recent US solar eclipse, the date of September 23, the 12th Chapter of Revelation, and the many claims, theories, and warnings of biblical signs from the Lord regarding upcoming disaster, among other things.

We need to be careful and clarify what exactly constitutes biblical signs and what does not. On a personal note, I am still hashing out my own end-time beliefs as to what we are to look for in the days ahead. However, I cannot come to the same conclusions surrounding these theories, even though they have become quite popular, and taught by some persons who, up until this point, have had my respect.

The Solar Eclipse

Many people believe the solar eclipse last month on August 21, 2017, was a warning from the Lord regarding an impending period of judgment. Others claim it was a warning for repentance. I have searched the scriptures and have yet to find even one passage that clearly states the Lord will send a solar eclipse as warning for either.

The US experienced a total eclipse of the sun only in some areas. Other areas experienced a partial eclipse, and still others were not affected by it at all. I must ask if the eclipse was a sign from God then why wasn’t a total eclipse seen in all parts of the world? Or if it had been a warning for the US only then why wasn’t the eclipse seen throughout the entire country? But even then, why is the US being singled out, when societies all over the world live in sin and rebellion to the Lord? In any of these scenarios, wouldn’t it be God’s will that all people see His sign and repent and/or be warned of impending His judgment? Didn’t Christ die for all?

God’s Judgment

Revelation 6:12-14 clearly explains the signs that will immediately precede God’s upcoming judgment of mankind. These passages state that the sun becomes black as sackcloth and the moon like blood. The eclipse we witnessed that day did not fit this description. Yes, as I previously pointed out, the sun went dark in some areas, and lost only some of its light in others. The moon did not turn red or as blood. The events of the scripture will be much more dramatic than the solar eclipse!

In addition, we will also consider the words of Jesus in Matthew 24:29, Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light; the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken.

I have placed emphasis on the first four words of this scripture because they are most important to our understanding in a true biblical context. They point us to a time that has not yet taken place, after the tribulation, and we have not completed the tribulation period yet! Please see also Joel 2:30-31.

I believe when these events take place they will be witnessed by everyone worldwide. These are the true biblical signs which signal the onset of God’s judgment, and are to occur just before the actual rapture of the church, as described in Matthew 24:30-31. When this day finally comes there will be no mistake about the signs. They will be serious, and sudden, and no one will be throwing parties or taking “selfies” on their cell phones as they did with the recent eclipse. The people of the earth will be horrified and will attempt to hide themselves away to escape the horror.

I’m not so sure that we have even entered into the time of the tribulation period, although I am willing to consider that as a possibility. I also understand that some of my readers will not agree with me as they may have a different idea as to the timing of end time events. Some do not believe we will go through any of the tribulation period. I say this as an aside, and not to avert attention from our topic’s focus which is current events in the heavens.

September 23 The Great Sign, and Revelation 12

A group of men and women who call themselves “theologians” believe specific signs in the sky will occur on September 23 of this year, some based on Revelation 12. This event, known as The Great Sign, includes two different yet related star constellations known as Virgo (The Virgin) and Leo (The Lion), symbols also associated with the Zodiac. The theologians have attempted to debunk the idea that their teaching has any connection to the actual Zodiac or the practice of astrology. They rightly believe the Zodiac is used for the occult practice of divination in the telling of future personal events and information, much like that of a psychic. They believe the Great Sign theory is based only on God’s creation of the stars that we know as astronomy, used for the telling of future biblical events. I do not agree that a difference exists, because both methods utilize the formation of stars to predict future events.

During this time the planets will align in a great convergence, also considered a sign in the heavens. (I can’t help but say this reminds me of a song in the 1960’s – when Jupiter aligns with Mars – The Age of Aquarius. Popular yes, a valid biblical sign, not at all.) Will the planets align? Probably so, but this should not be considered as a biblical sign.

Revelation 12 is a fascinating and historical account of the bible told in symbolism. It begins with the nation of Israel and ends with the destruction of Satan. It is a glorious picture, and I have always found the book a fascinating read.

Please see Deuteronomy 18:9-14 which includes warnings against the practice of divination and the interpretation of omens. I don’t believe these theologians take much importance to the Lord’s warnings since that is exactly what they are doing.  Either they do not understand, or they simply believe the warnings do not apply to them.

I don’t come to the same conclusion as these theologians as I don’t find a proper context of scripture that support their theories. Therefore I do not hold their theories any validity other than to sadly say they too have been deceived. Every year we receive similar warnings for the month of September, and each year they come to nothing. Each time they are announced they become more than tiresome. I wonder when the date-setters will wake up and stop doing what they have been told cannot be done. Jesus stated that no one knows the hour of His return, no one, not even the angels. The only One who knows the timing is God the Father, the Creator of all things.

The truth has been entrusted to the church, or as we now call it, the remnant. As such, we should be much more concerned the seriousness of these false warnings of woe year after year. The last thing we want is for the unsaved to stop hearing the gospel message and turn a deaf ear to salvation!

Many things are happening on the earth as we speak. We may be witnessing the wondrous beginnings of the end time events, and for that we are blessed. But let’s also be wise and pray for understanding and discernment because we are told how these events will play out and what signs to watch for so that we are prepared.

Let us also take into consideration that we carry the precious name of Christ, and that the future of many lost souls depend on our knowledge and our words. The scriptures are our best defense from deception.

Connecting False Teaching to False Worship

I was the lead intercessor for the Vancouver Vineyard Prayer and Healing Rooms, which was located in Vancouver, WA. They were under the “umbrella” of the International Association of Healing Rooms, in Spokane, WA, headed by Cal Pierce, whose doctrine and beliefs mirror that of Bill Johnson, Bethel.

Like many others I loved to worship God to sing to Him. I began to collect an assortment of worship CD’s to use while we “soaked” to prepare for the “prayer ministry”. My favorite was Misty Edwards of International House of Prayer, Mike Bickel. I wasn’t crazy about Bickel’s teaching, but I loved IHOP’s music. And so I used it as often as I could, along with a mix of other popular artists at that time.

Jesus warned us in Matthew 24:4-5 to see to it that no one deceives us. It is a statement that is of utmost importance, yet one that is easily overlooked. However, I had often prayed that prayer, and though I was allowed to be involved in some very bad teaching and crazy supernatural experiences, God eventually opened my eyes to the truth and by His grace and love led me out.

The bible gives us a great number of warnings about false teachers and false prophets. We are told to test these things, to flee and to warn others to do the same. See 2 John, 2 Peter 2, Romans 16:17-18. Paul called them out by name, 2 Timothy 2:16-18, and warned others day and night for years in tears so they would not be taken in Acts 20:28-31.

Music is an extremely powerful force and is one that will be used to worship the Beast when the time comes. See Daniel 3, Revelation 13. I believe we are seeing pre-cursors to that and have been for some time. It is so important we leave behind what sounds good to us, or what feels good and right to us and test these things according to the word of God – Acts 17:11, 2 Timothy 2:15.

I am fully convinced that the demonic uses “worship” music as a type of conjuring, to bring up the demonic forces that are part of these organizations’ false teachings. Where false teaching exists, false worship follows along side, and the bible calls such teacher accursed – Galatians 1:8-9. It is a widely known fact that the most beautiful music comes from organizations who teach of another gospel.

Just as with false teaching there is a bit of a lie, the same holds for the music. Oftentimes the false teaching is accepted because it sounds good. The same applies to their music – it sounds good. It appeals to our flesh, to our senses and we are pulled in and trapped. It does not matter that the words they sing are true because the foundation is false. There will always be a mixture of truth and the lie. This is why I understand that when we sing these songs we are worshiping the false jesus, the one Paul warned about. He also stated if we allowed it, we would put up with it- 2 Corinthians 11:4. If you are drawn to this music and feel you need it for worship, this is what he spoke of, to be taken in and controlled by it.

Worship is about God. It should never be about how it makes us feel, but how it lifts up the truth of the Lord in telling Him how great He is for all He has done for us! There is such a huge difference. And there is more to worship than music, it is how we live our lives in submission to God and not to ourselves.

I often hear Christians defend the music of Bethel, Jesus Culture, Morningstar, IHOP, Hillsong, and all the rest because it’s so beautiful and uplifting to the hearer. But my friends, we are told that Satan comes as an angel of light with a great power to deceive, 2 Corinthians 11:14, he is beautiful, and he once held the place of worship leader in heaven- Isaiah 14:11-14.

This should give us great pause to question who we are truly singing about and where it comes from. If the doctrine is false the worship is false, and the two cannot be separated. Please don’t be deceived. We are called to be pure. Bust up your CD’s and delete your links! Sing your own songs! Be blessed in your freedom from all the works of darkness while there is still time. God is a jealous God and we must worship Him in spirit and in truth!


The Right Way to Hear from God

I believe this teaching by Bob DeWaay will be helpful to anyone coming out of the clutches of the false prophetic and “how to hear from God”, the popular “emergent” practices of Lectio Divina and contemplative prayer.

I would suggest a very slow and careful study of the scriptures a bit at a time for those who are struggling with understanding. Oftentimes, the word of God should be lingered on and savored over as you would a fine piece of chocolate. Remember learning is not a race.

I will add, there is nothing good to be learned from Beth Moore and I am not afraid to state another warning to stay far from her.
Blessings all!


A new project. Please consider joining –

We had the same idea, my friend and I, the same conclusion, at the same time. I was in need of someone local to reach out to a woman half way across the country who I had been working with via phone and text. I needed a live person to go to her, encourage her and pray with her – face to face. There was no one who would be that person. There was no one who felt “equipped”, and therefore the things that she needed from human-Christian contact was lost.

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“When good men do nothing, they are no longer good.”

“…….when good men do nothing, they are no longer good…… the choice is yours, whichever way one chooses, it’s going to be unpleasant; but only one way leads to truth. What’s the cost and the value? What price will you pay and what will you have of value at the end of it all?”


by Pat Rogers

2 John 11 “For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.

No, Jacob Prasch, this one isn’t really about you, you have already been weighed and found wanting. This is about those who surround you.

There’s an old saying…Do something, even if it’s wrong. Think about this….all of this started from asking questions of Jacob (ironically, he was wanting questions). How wrong is that? But at least something was done, more and more light continues to be shed on Jacob Prasch’s conduct and teachings.

At the end of this article, will be a list of other articles that show some of the misquotes, contradictions, lies and error that Jacob Prasch speaks and teaches. Along with, what I am now calling his rage video’s (although there are more than these only a few are included).

His pattern is  one of rage and insults to those…

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