Kept From the Hour

An excellent end-times teaching from Charles Cooper. If you believe in the pre-tribulation rapture of the church, as I once did, please be prepared to ask why you believe it to be true, and watch the video!

The Pre-Trib Rapture is Dead

From his site:

There was only one passage in the N.T. that forms the basis for it. This is the opinion of their greatest teachers. Now that Rev 3:10 no longer can be used as support for an explicit teaching for the Pretribulation rapture, the position has no scriptural support. There are no other passages that support it. The Pretribulation rapture doctrine is dead! Only those who do not want to be bothered with the facts can ignore it.

10 thoughts on “Kept From the Hour

  1. my wife and i were born again in 1971. knowing nothing of Protestantism, we took a church out of the yellow pages. it turned out to be United Pentecostal, which meant nothing in particular to us. it did not take long to find that the entire church is engaged in internal warfare over a multitude of issues including not only speaking in tongues but how we are baptized and yes, pre-trib, post-trib and mid-trib rapture. As if The Lord called me to be born of him so that i could spend my life warring inside the church with those of differing views of personal dogma. My first pastor refused to join the chorus, choosing to teach Pan-trib. it will all pan out. Because no one is ever going to bring agreement to the issue. If The Lord had wanted us to know specifically, He would have plainly told us. what He did tell us specifically is that it is the preaching of the gospel in the entire world that will hasten his coming.

    Preaching the gospel is our job, not arm wrestling with one another. i have been listening to this tribulation argument for the past forty-eight years and it serves only to make me thankful that i didn’t spend the first twenty-two years of my life being brainwashed to believe someone’s personal commitment to something about which i can do nothing except be prepared whenever it is. Charles Cooper has spent nearly forty years in “active ministry” and this is what he considers to be worth of focus? Making certain that believers focus on his view? How many unbelievers have made the choice to walk with The Lord because Charles Cooper convinced them first of post trib rapture?

    in certain settings or circumstances, i can, have and will likely, again, address my position on this issue. but if someone disagrees, so what? Paul was thankful that “i know nothing among you save Jesus Christ and Him crucified”. charles cooper is in error but if he wants to argue pre, post, trib, he will have to find someone other than me to wrestle with.

    i am old. folks do not have much respect these days for the wisdom acquired by years. if anyone wishes to discard my counsel, go ahead. i won’t argue with you. but i will attempt to find something upon which we can agree and have fellowship together.


    • I believe it is our responsibility to teach sound doctrine. For me, end times is not a dividing issue, but I am concerned for pre-tribbers who have been taught that they will escape the bad stuff, which is the persecution of the anti-Christ that is to come. It is sad when pastors cop-out, because it will pan out. They are doing their members and their Lord great disservice! I also believe that we can and will know the truth, through study, the leading of the Holy Spirit, and as the Lord reveals His truth. Of course we need to have the right heart attitude in all things and remain teachable.

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      • Absolutely right. I’m concerned about pastors and teachers who have NOT equipped the saints in telling them they’ll escape the entire trib when scripture doesn’t back it up whatsoever. The only way we will escape it “all” is if we die before it takes place.
        Charles Cooper is a great teacher and I’m thankful for his teachings and his open teachings to learn from. He definitely doesn’t leave anything to be debated but only truth spoken. He clearly states if you want to continue thinking you will escape it all, then nothing will persuade you. But if you are truly looking for a rightly dividing Biblical basis for the end times, then it’s right before our eyes!
        I grew up in the AOG Assemblies of God and their doctrine also teaches that we will escape the tribulation in full every seal, trumpet, and bowl. It wasn’t until 2015 I truly saw the word of God for what it is saying and realized according to Matthew 24 and others in Revelations, we will suffer that persecution. We don’t need to fear at ALL! Only trust. We are going to go home, so listen, see the truth of the word of God for what it is, believe it in its entirety and trust the Lord that HE will bring us through or if we die we die. We will be in our forever home!

        God bless and keep speaking the truth! NO MATTER WHAT!


        • Hello my friend and thank you for the well-stated comment. It is unfortunate that many believers refuse to be teachable and cling to these teachings that give them a false sense of security. What will happen when they find they have not escaped the wrath/persecution of Satan? Their same teachers will have them believe in that event they will have missed the rapture because they were not true believers, as in the popular book series, they have been “left behind”! Who will assure them of the scriptures then?

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          • Unfortunately, the Lord will have us here to help encourage them and show them the scriptures of how they were taught doesn’t line up. I wouldn’t go as far as to say that it’s “heresy” on the part of that preacher, but that it’s not rightly dividing the truth.


  2. very good timing for you to post this. I have been spending the last few weekends putting together some detailed study notes on Pre-Trib compared to Mid or Pre Wrath rapture. I didn’t go into it to disprove the Pre-Trib concept. I just wanted to gather the biblical facts and let them speak for themselves. I feel we should be prepared for whenever the Lord comes back for us. Even if we have to wait longer than we would like to. What I found, in a way disappointed me. I thought the Pre-Trib side had stronger points. Instead I found their defense of their viewpoint weak and flimsy at best. They take a few scriptures and stretch them and try to get those scriptures to “fit” their belief. Instead of letting God’s word shape their beliefs. I personally prefer the KJV of the bible. I found the Pre-Trib proponents had found a few scriptures in a different translation that quite frankly caused confusion. For example the Day of the Lord and the Day of Christ are clearly two separate events. The NASB confuses these two days in one passage. I was even more amazed to hear one of the strongest proponents for the Pre-Trib concept, Thomas Ice say the “falling away” in II Thessalonians 2:3 actually means the Pre-Trib rapture! WHAT??. So like I said I was somewhat surprised. I always had some issues with the Pre-Trib concept. I think that was the Holy Spirit warning me. But when I finally took the time to study it, I was surprised how weak their points were. I know Sound The Battle Cry did a good series on Mid Trib or Pre Wrath perhaps. I used some scripture from his videos. What I find suspicious is how many pastors and churches will become hostile or even vindictive toward anyone who questions the Pre-Trib concept. Just goes to show you it is more man centered than Christ centered. Also I felt God showing me the load of scriptures that exhorts us as His people to have “godly patience”, “patient waiting for Christ”. If we are taken out sooner than later, why does God give us so many warnings to be “patient”. And of course the parable about the 5 foolish and 5 wise virgins. God gives us many hints that we must be prepared to wait and endure until the end.

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    • In Matthew 24 Jesus addresses His disciples regarding the things to come, the end of the age. In doing so He was telling ALL believers that the generation alive at that time WILL see the antiChrist! He also warned that we are not to let anyone deceive us. The bible is our best defense against false teaching, and as we study we come to the truth.

      I’ve been studying pre-wrath off and on for about 10 years now when I was first told of it by some friends. I agree that we need to be ready one way or the other. Pre-trib fails in that miserably.

      Thank you for taking the time to comment. Be blessed in the days to come!


  3. Having studied the End Times for many years, I was shocked when a guy calling himself “Servus Christi”, Josh Chavez, did an attack piece on the Pre-Trib Rapture. I am shocked today that you are also on the same bandwagon.

    I did a short rebuttal and posted it on my own website

    If I were to summarize what I posted, it is that the Pre-Tribulation Rapture can be found in many places in the Old Testament, and this is totally logical because the 7 year Tribulation period is for Israel. They won’t read the NT! It is also in the NT, and Josh Chavez totally missed out on those passages too!

    Go and read Luke 21, but especially verse 36. You need to realize that this statement was made in the talk Jesus made in Matthew 24! Matthew missed it, but Luke heard it. It doesn’t matter that only Luke heard it; Jesus said it!

    36 Watch ye therefore, and pray always, that ye may be accounted worthy to escape all these things that shall come to pass, and to stand before the Son of man.

    Why pray? Because not all professing Christians will escape, but only those who are Born Again!

    You see the same statement in Zephaniah 2:3, which is another Pre-Trib Rapture passage! Read verses 1-3!

    I urge you to read the whole article.

    I am working on a video as well, but it may be a few weeks before I can post it. I’m new to video.

    There is a great deception coming, because the Church will still be here when the Gog/Magog war occurs, and it will be like WW3, but it is a Pre-Tribulation war, and not a part of the Tribulation! Anyone who says the Gog/Magog war IS the Tribulation is set up for a great deception!

    Dan Knezacek


    • I can guarantee you that I am no where near Servus Christi’s bandwagon as I take great pause with his ways!! You are free to disagree And state your reasons as I know there are other end time views. I too have studied and learned and the pre-wrath position is the one I hold to and why I posted Mr Coopers teaching here.


      • I didn’t watch the Servus Christi video. I don’t pay too much attention to that site. But I do know I have really tried to study the end times more closely myself over the last year. I wanted to see for myself what exactly scripture says about the events building up to the Lord’s return. I want to be “watchful” and be preparing myself spiritually as we all should be. I didn’t just want to believe what I had been taught by christian “scholars” and not look into it myself. We are all “kings and priests unto God” as Revelation states. So we can all seek God’s wisdom and study and understand the scriptures as the Spirit directs us. After really studying the scriptures, I too found there is very little, if anything at all that definitively teaches anything about a pre-trib rapture. Mind you I would love to be taken by the Lord sooner than later. But we have to follow and adhere to the word of God. Not our wishes. I too have come to believe that a Pre-Wrath, or “at the seventh trumpet” rapture scenario has far more scriptural evidence to support it, as compared to what I found to be “flimsy” proof for the pre-trb scenario. One thing about one of the scriptures used by dknezacek in his comment. Zephaniah is talking about the Day of the Lord (or the day of the Lord’s anger), which is different that the Day of Christ. I notice few if any Pre-Trib teachers really teach the difference between the Day of the Lord (HIs physical return and judgement on the world), and the Day of Christ (when the body of believers are removed, and the first resurrection takes place). But I believe it is a very important difference. If you follow that understanding of the difference in what these two terms are referencing, it does make more scripture fall into place. This is something that can be blurred too depending on what version of the bible you read. Many of the modern translations mix the Day of the Lord and the Day of Christ as if they are the same event. This is unfortunate and certainly leads to confusion. I think we also need to be patient and tolerant with each other and love one another as the scriptures admonishes us to. If we have different views on the rapture, it is not a reason to break fellowship and try to slander or attack each other. That is certainly not pleasing to the Lord. Lets be like the 5 wise virgins. Bring extra oil in case our Lord’s coming is delayed. The outcome for the 5 foolish virgins is not where we want to be.


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