unsuspected dominionism…

Here again, in an unsuspected form is Dominionism…

I found this video on PJ Miller’s site, Sola Dei Gloria.  It was done by Mike Hoggard and nearly an hour and a half long – quite a commitment to take out of  your day.

As we have seen the coming together of different organizations combing false teachers and prophets with political leaders and Christians with another agenda, most recently in The National Day of Prayer (Dobson and the NAR) and Pray and A.C.T., (Chuck Colson, Lou Engle and Mike Huckabee), this video addresses the Divine Destiny rally held by Mormon Glen Beck in which nearly one million people attended, including Sarah Palin.  Also involved was a Rabbi and an Imam! Hmm…

It appears Beck is becoming quite a false teacher in which he is leading the trusting and unsuspecting down the wrong road. I didn’t think I’d see a Mormon with a kind of kingdom now theology, but here it is. Besides, I didn’t think I would see many things that I have. Please, please I don’t care what he says of “God” the man is not a born again Christian. Where have we heard THAT before?

I found Mike’s information and research to be quite informative so it may we worth your time even if you have to break it into segments. Again you will hear familiar phrases, e.g. taking the country back for “God”, “as above, so below”.  There is a profound occult connection and symbolism planted in our country that he brings to light in this video. Some of this you may have heard before.

He gives quite a bit of information on Mormonism and Freemasonry, the latter which seems to have been the true founding of this country. Shocking as that sounds there are indeed esoteric meanings, things that are hidden from our sight that are playing into the plan of this country that we see unfolding. Considering there seems to be a coming together of all faiths in the name of “unity” I continue to wonder the true meaning behind of “One Nation Under God”.

On a happier note, he (Mike) gives the gospel message at the end of the video. To which I will add, Maranatha, Come Lord Jesus. You are our hope.

Watchman Video Broadcast 9/5/10

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