Invisible Friends?

I’ve been intending to do some work on the misguided teachings and ministry of John Paul Jackson. I’ve taken several of his courses and participated in his dream interpretation training. He is quite deceived and one to avoid no matter how many accolades he receives by the charismatics. He is another “one of those” who have very little bible knowledge and loads of so called supernatural experiences. He has a great following who pay him loads of money to learn dream interpretation, numerology and how to have all sorts of supernatural encounters.  He calls himself a Christian and uses the name of Christ in his work, but he is far from a true man of God.

He is one of the original Kansas City Prophets and spent time under the tutelage – if you can call it that –  of John Wimber of the Vineyard, another whose emphasis on the supernatural outweighed the importance of bible study and prayer.

I came on some of his latest teaching, and although I already knew he was in error, I was still shocked at this particular article. You will be too. Why are these maniacs always after the children?

What are invisible friends?

Link here

July 09
by John Paul Jackson


Did you have invisible friends when you were a child — playmates only you could see? Concerned parents occasionally approach me about this topic. What are “invisible friends”? Are they dangerous? Is this a sign of a prophetic gift? <<Prophecy is by the will of the Lord, through the Holy Spirit, not through visitation of an entity.>>What should parents do when their children insist these people are real? Though I am not the final authority on the topic, I do have some ideas based on Scripture and personal experience.

<<He is no biblical authority on the topic, and this type of “personal” experience has no basis for truth, so why would anyone believe him!>>

When it comes to their children having invisible friends, many Christian parents assume the worst. It’s a familiar spirit! It’s a spirit guide! That could very well be true, but remember: For every counterfeit, there is an original.<<The bible doesn’t tell us for every counterfeit, there is an original!>> In other words, there is a strong possibility that when children play with invisible friends, they are really seeing and interacting with angels — and often, they are aware of that.  <<Based on what truth?  There are no examples in the bible that tell us children and angels interact together!>>

What do angels look like?

The Bible says that we won’t always be able to tell the difference between humans and angels:

Do not forget to entertain strangers, for by so doing some have unwittingly entertained angels.

— Hebrews 13:2

<<I don’t think the point to “entertain” is for children to have tea parties with them.>>

It would be very difficult for us to “unwittingly” entertain angels if they looked like angels. We would know exactly what they were if they were glowing or had six-foot wingspans. Instead, based on this Scripture, we can assume that sometimes, angels look just like you and me. They may appear to us as painters, mathematicians or doctors; they may look African, Irish or Hispanic. They may even look like children. <<NO! There is nothing in the bible that tells us angels can look like children!>>

<<Here goes either a true account of an encounter with demons or a flat out lie.>>

The night Diane and I brought Micah home from the hospital, I was visited by two angels: a 7-year-old girl and a 10-year-old boy. I didn’t immediately understand they were angels, because they were unlike any angels I had seen before. They began to tell me different things about Micah, and I asked them, “How do you know that?”

“Because we’re angels sent from the throne of God,” they replied.

“You’re not angels,” I said. “I know what angels are like. They’re bigger than you. They’re adult-sized. Some of them are really huge, and some of them are really muscular, and some of them are really fast, and you’re not any of that. You’re just a 7-year-old little girl and a 10-year-old little boy.”

<<Curious that Jackson knows their ages 7 & 10 years, which being the king of numerology, probably has some kind of spiritual (occult) significance. I never realized angels had age. How old is Michael,the arch-angel in the bible, John Paul?? >>

“You haven’t seen everything,” they answered.

“What do you mean?”

“Well, you don’t know that many of us choose to take the form of a child when we are assigned to that child. <<Again, where in scripture? This sounds like that “guardian angel” idea.>> Your children talk to us, because we take a form that doesn’t threaten them but allows them to become what God created them to become. <<This is a strange comment, but is he is saying that these so called angels have a place in our children’s growth?>>We’re here to help them, not to prove we’re anything. <<Angels are messengers of  God, so what is the message for the children? When did a child ever have a visit from an angel in the bible? God deals with adults, not children. Of course they can have a relationship with Him, through Jesus as we all can. But, He does not send angels to communicate with our kids!>>Here’s another one of us now!”  <<Oh goody!>>

A little boy approached, and the girl said, “Tell him what’s going on.”

“I was there,” the second boy told me. “I saw them up in the throne room, and I saw God giving them the assignment to watch over your son Micah. What they tell you, you need to do, because I saw God giving them the command.” <<How convenient to have the word of another lying demon to make it look so true!  Yes, angels have spoken to people in the bible. But, why, if we have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit would we need to converse or get directions from an angel? This doesn’t work for me!

It is very possible Jackson has these wild encounters, however, there is nothing in this story to prove this is a visitation from angels of the Most High God! Check the word! Angels never appear as children – never. All encounters should be proved by the bible, otherwise they are false, demonic!>>

What should parents do?

As time progresses, I think we will discover again and again that we “haven’t seen everything” yet. <<Yes, because in John Paul Jackson’s world, anything goes!>>In the meantime, if your children are playing with invisible friends, talk to them about it. >>Talk with them? Yes, but PRAY with them and take authority over the enemy because God does not send angels to talk with children! So, if your child has a true imaginary friend, you can be sure in the knowledge that it is not a good thing!>> Find out how they feel when they’re playing with them. Do they feel happy? Peaceful? Scared? <<Not good advice – emotions cannot be trusted and satan  can bring false peace, joy, etc!>>If your children show any hesitancy, rephrase your questions and ask again. In most cases, their answers will reveal to you exactly who sent these invisible playmates.

Remember that in biblical times, it was common knowledge that angels sometimes take the visage of the people they protect; <<When?>>why else would the Christians meeting in Mary’s house have thought it was Peter’s angel at the door (Acts 12:12–15)? >>That’s a long shot! They thought Peter was dead and they were astonished (v16). This does not prove his claims!>>I remember being a child and talking to angels who looked like my friends, but I knew they were angels. <<As a child he knew? How? He didn’t know, he was wrong then and he is wrong now!>>They told me what they were, but I also just knew. Your children will likely “just know” as well.

Be open to the possibility that God is communicating to your children via people, objects or animals (remember Balaam’s donkey) only they can see. <<I had to laugh out loud on this one – Balaam’s donkey??  If God is communicating with your child, He will do it the same way that He communicates with you. >>If you raise your children in the way God has set before them, <<If you raise your children to know the bible for themselves they will be better protected against claims and teachings of false prophets like this man!  On the other hand, if you are under the teaching of John Paul Jackson, don’t be surprised when you children really are visited by these demons. Get away!>>they will see and know things that are humanly impossible for them to see and know. They will be able to interact with Heaven, as God intended all of us to do. They will have eyes to see.  <<We know things through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit through treading and studying the bible and prayer, “mundane” things these false prophets and teachers cannot be bothered with, not experiences in the supernatural.

John Paul Jackson has the mistaken belief that because supernatural occurrences happened to people in the bible they should be happening to all believers and that it is the believer’s “right” to –  as he said – interact with Heaven. God always had a reason for these supernatural experiences to happen. They were done for His purposes, to accomplish His plan, with the focus pointing right back to Him. They were not for the purpose of man, nor at the will of man, nor to bring focus to the man. Angels had nothing of themselves, either. They always reflect God’s message and purpose.

John Paul believes we can have these encounters at our will.  He believes he encounters the same Heaven and the very Throne Room where God resides and goes there to “hang out”. Then, he comes back to earth, so to speak, with these wild stories made into teaching products. Who is to say if his encounters really take place. One thing we can be sure of, they are not of God, and so any visits to a throne room is the wrong throne.

If we were intended to have supernatural experiences, if God truly intended for that to happen, then they would. Man was created to be on earth.

Remember, all prophets, angelic visitations and supernatural experiences should point right back to God. Where do these encounters point to? John Paul Jackson’s son Micah, and the beings, not God.  Big difference!

Another pied piper leading the sheep to hell. >>

41 thoughts on “Invisible Friends?

    • OH? Which book was it. I didn’t read his books but I paid tons for his courses and the training manuals to go with them. I do have one cd on portals which was a disappointment. He has very odd ideas about the things he claims to have experienced and so do those who work with him teaching.


  1. I had an imaginary friend when I was young. His name was David. I talked to him every time I was in the bathroom because he lived in a crack in the wall. I heard his voice very clearly but I never saw him. I believe that it was a familiar spirit grooming me as a child to respond positively to false spirits. The bible says “my sheep hear my voice and the voice of a stranger they will not follow.” My whole Christian life I have had difficulty with knowing is it me, God, or the devil that I am hearing from. Why?? Because some voices that I was hearing were not strange, but familiar. The enemy attempts to groom children so he can deceive them later as adults. Just in the last year since I have been out of the word of faith movement things have been more clear to me spiritually. Is it possible that children can have encounters with angels? Yes. However, I seriously doubt that anyone’s invisible friend is an angel! I will also state that this happens very rarely and a fallen angel can appear as an angel of light and deceive children. The guy above is a loon. Especially if he’s one of the Kanses City false prophets.


    • Hi WordofFaithNoMore! I think I’ve been to your blog a few times.
      That story gave me chills. Yes, Jackson is one of the false KC prophets. Of course, being in that circle for a time I didn’t know he was false. I can relate to the problem with “hearing”. That is why I took Jackson’s course – Hearing the Voice of God. That voice got so clear that is sounded like any other person talking to me would sound. But, oooh….it was not God! It amazes me what I came out of. Only God! You too, huh?
      Blessings to you.


  2. Thanks for this article. It spoke right on! This teaching he teaches is nothing more than feeds the pride of parents also. “MY child has an angel” “MY child sees angels.” It goes back to pride, every bit of it. And we know who was filled with it in heaven before he was cast out.

    On another note: Remind me to tell you of the “cute” teeny tiny little monkey I saw as a child! I guess that was an “angel” too!


    • Tell it here if you would like.
      My oldest granddaughter saw angels when she was about three and she still remembers it eight years later. But, they didn’t talk to her or play with her! We had a candlelight memorial for Jessica after she passed away at the site of her accident. The same granddaughter said she saw Jessica and Jesus standing out in the field together. She kept after her mom to go out there with her. I didn’t know this until days later!


  3. Okay, I’m freakin’ out. I took the dream courses too and am a partner of Streams. What caused to duck and run? I am truly wanting to know the truth here. I do not want to be deceived. HELP!


    • Cher
      read this –
      I haven’t done a lot of unpacking on JPJ. Being a “seer” (false) was what drove me to him. I write about that off and on here because there was a great connection between my believing I could be one if I wanted to be, and receiving the word from an unrelated person that God called me a seer. So, I went to JPJ with the best intentions. But his teachings are far from Christian, and clearly support the occult practices they are associated with. If you will, God gave supernatural experiences to a few men in the bible to point the way to Him, not so they could have a good time and hang out. The reasons were for repentance, and to warn of coming destruction. JPJ teaches much differently. Since I came out and rebuked those “impartations” I no longer have those weird visions and dreams. If you do some research on dream interpretation you will see his “method” and symbolism is not much different from others who are not Christian. Besides, the very bottom line, if God does speak to me in dreams and visions how could another person who doesn’t know me possibly tell me what God is saying to me? On one hand it is a money making operation and on the other is a very dangerous demonic impartation. It’s hard to take, I know.


      • I want to point out that when I went to JPJ I thought I was taking on biblical training on dream interpretation. There’s nothing in the bible to teach us how to interpret dreams! I was pretty mad when I realized that, not to mention I thought the atmosphere in those classrooms were extremely oppressive.


  4. Okay…haven’t started the e-mail yet. I saw the reference to this topic in the recent replies and was curious. Wow……I’m not familiar with this guy or his teaching…but wow. He sounds like he’s teaching stuff straight out of the occult. Dream interpretation? He actually teaches courses on that?

    The last reference to the imaginary friend concept that I heard was from a wiccan girl from college when she was explaining her beliefs to me. She thought that imaginary friends were fairies, which I immediately interpreted as being demons. Up until that time I always thought that imaginary friends were just made up people that you play with…like a pretend thing. I didn’t know that children actually heard or saw anyone.

    Pagans tend to place a lot of emphasis in these fairies. These occult “Christians” put a lot of emphasis on angels. I’d venture to guess that demons appear to pagans in the framework of the pagan stories — which include fairies….and these same beings appear to occult Christians as angels.

    I guess the thought never occurred to John Paul Jackson that these “angels” might be fallen ones that are trying to deceive children.

    Which brings us back to the gold dust. If these “fairies” leave dust for pagans, then certainly “angels” could leave gold dust for occult Christians.


    • Oh yes, Jackson ACTUALLY teaches courses on that, quite expensive, and he considers it to be his calling, taking it all over the world and making it possible for others to teach, participate, etc. These dream teams you hear of that go out into “market place ministries” were set up by him. Barbie Breathitt and Doug Addison trained under him long before they began their own organizations to do the same.

      Dream interpretation is a replacement for the gospel message, deceiving people into believing they have a God made purpose and destiny and He is speaking that to them in their dreams! So the message is not a sinner who is in need of repentance, but a regular person who is loved by God. He also believes occultists, psychics, palm readers and such have the gift of prophecy, they just don’t glorify God with the gift. But contrast this teaching against the word of God who condemns these practices. In addition, these gifts are given to the body of Christ for their edification! Quite a different picture! The bottom line for me in dream interpretation and the false prophetic movement is lead by what the bible calls familiar spirits, not the Holy Spirit. (I wrote a bit about this before in one of my other articles, been there done that!) In the old testament, God used people to interpret the dreams of others, Daniel and the pagan King, but in the NT we see God giving dreams with the interpretation. When God communicates with His people they know what He is saying, Christ died and the veil was torn, allowing us direct access. We don’t need people to be trained to speak for Him. A perfect example in removing the work of the Holy Spirit, replacing Him with a man, a priest, a pope. It’s deception!

      I was flipping channels on tv last night and there he was on Daystar! I didn’t listen for long, just more mumbo jumbo twisted talk that sounds like he has something to say – gnostic doo doo. I didn’t have the patience for listening.


  5. I know there are passages in the Bible that talk about not heeding those who claim to interpret dreams instead of following after God. I’m pretty sure there is at least one reference to that in Isaiah.

    I’m not really sure who Barbie Breathitt or Doug Addison are, but I can guess that they teach false doctrine if they are spreading this dream interpretation “ministry” around.

    I believe that God can speak in dreams, but I don’t think that people should be trying to find out what their dreams mean. If it’s really from God, God will let you know. In the Bible, either people knew it was God speaking to them and they didn’t need an interpretation, or God provided the interpretation because of a specific purpose He had. No where in the Bible is there a call to practice New Age dream interpretation. 😦

    I’ve noticed that the message of “you are loved by God” is repeated quite a bit in some ministries, and that same message is what occultists/New Agers claim god is speaking to people, too. (I used a lowercase g there on purpose. Occults don’t hear from the real God.)

    John Paul Jackson sounds like a very dangerous man who needs to be avoided at all costs.


  6. I was wanting to study more about JPJ teachings and when I googled his name your blog popped up and I’m glad it did. For sometime I have felt uneasy about what he has said and I thought to myself ‘well something must be wrong with me if he is a true man of God’ but still his doom and gloomsday prophecys never gave me a sense of peace or joy many of us recieve because of knowing our father in heaven. Anyway to make this long story short, I have found something while reading this very same article on the streams ministry website that I’m not sure if you caught or not. He contradicts himself when he says to these so called ‘angels’ “You’re not angels,” I said. “I know what angels are like. They’re bigger than you. They’re adult-sized.” But then at the end of his blog he says “I remember being a child and talking to angels who looked like my friends, but I knew they were angels.” Okay? I thought he just said he never saw angels who looked like children, and now he’s saying he did see angels who looked like children when he was a child….so what is it then? Just thought I’d point that one out because that took me by surprise, and honestly I needed to see this because I felt almost like there was something wrong with me to be suspicious of a ‘man of God.’


    • Hi Michelle. Thanks for the comment. Never feel wrong for questioning a teaching because we are called to this as part of our responsibility. There is no man or woman above the other, we are all the same, considered priests. The “man of God” and the “touch not the anointed” are used to scare people into blind obedience. That first hint which leads us to think things are not as they should be is discernment, and should send us to prayer and research to get to the truth. If we would do this from the beginning, we would not be deceived into following these false teachers and prophets. Jesus said that many would come in His name and deceive, and JPJ is a perfect example. If you read him a little more closely, you will notice that Jesus Christ has been removed from most of his articles. there has been great emphasis on man and his importance, stemming from the false prophetic, dreams and visions. The driving force and power behind it all is Satan, who seeks whom he can devour as he comes to steal, kill and destroy. His easiest prey are Christians who have become too needy, too desperate or prideful. JPJ operates through divination by guidance of familiar spirits, no different than that in the occult, fortune tellers and psychics.

      In Christ we are free from this bondage of sin. Be well and encouraged in Him!


  7. The only thing that bothers me is that some of what he has said has come to pass… However, that doesn’t mean it was from God. But I just don’t understand how you can love God and read his word and pray and not realize you are being decieved….it just confuses me, but I’m not going to dwell on the issue. Even if we are living in the ‘end times’ (which i guess we’ve been living in it for 100 years, being that 1 day to God is 1000 years to us), I feel that people are obsessing way too much over it where it’s like people are saying ‘what has God told john paul’ rather than ‘what does God’s word tell us.’


    • Even witches read the bible, but for purposes other than for which it was written. I know it is a place of great confusion, but you are onto the truth. When people read or claim to read the word and yet don’t do what it says, they have parted from Christ. Glad for your strength and wisdom! 🙂


  8. i do have a question for you though. When I got baptized and recieved Jesus as my Lord and savior I do quite often always get tingly goosebumps whenever I pray alone or when I’m at my church singing or just in my bedroom singing. I’ve never been apart of that NAR movement since I was raised in a more traditional church but I just don’t want to get too much into my emotions where they lead me astray. But I always attributed these tingly feelings as God or his presence but at the same time I don’t always feel those tingly feelings either so I do know that he is with me regardless of how I feel. I know this question will sound silly but do you think it is okay to feel those goosebumps? lol


  9. Hi M’kayla,
    Seems that the key word in this article is mans will. It all goes back to the false freewill doctrine that I’ve been studying about and exposing for over a year now.
    I’ve gotten a lot of persecution from heretics over this, but the truth had to come out that only God’s will is completely free, because He’s completely sinless, we’re not.

    Let me know how my last article on freewill and the authority of Scripture settles with you. I know it’s a deep and controversial subject, but I think you will see how the devil has played it into every false religion in the world, especially the Word of Faith cult.
    It all started in the garden of Eden.


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  11. M’Kayla: You’ve made a lot of comments in response to John Paul Jacksons’s comments, asserting that his statements were not Biblical, but you failed to provide any scriptures to support your stated “anti-comments” (that His comments are not Biblical). Without scriptural precedent, one could assume your comments are unbiblical, rather than John Paul’s. Please provide readers with scriptural support, otherwise there’s no basis for believing your comments. The scripture is a believers “measuring stick”, not your or my comments. To make a judgment call that John Paul is “another pied piper leading sheep to hell”, one would expect you to provide scriptural evidence in your post. I haven’t seen any.


    • For the record, I’ve experienced supernatural protection (as a child) from Angels who then disappeared after their job was finished. Angels have appeared to my son on occasion. What scriptural reference do you have which would disallow Angels interacting with a child? It’s not enough for you to simply say it can’t be Biblical — please indicate the scriptural reference.

      I’ve been a missionary for over twenty years, love Jesus with all my heart, and have enough discernment to know when someone truly loves Jesus — John Paul truly loves Jesus. To make a judgment call as you have requires scriptural support, not your commentary. My intention is not to be rude, but to call your attention to the necessity of allowing God’s Word to speak when making judgments, not your words.


  12. M’Kayla, I think “Paul” above makes some very good points.

    To be clear, I give no credence to the teachings of Bethel etc, but I fear you’re doing the exact same thing you’re complaining about John Paul Jackson doing. Many of your points are little more than counter-assertions with as little evidence to back them as JPJ offers. If something is asserted without evidence it can easily be dismissed without evidence but if you want to make a case against JPJ and his teaching you need more than your counter-assertions to make a case. Anyone can say “Joe Blow is a false prophet” but when making a serious allegation such as this it’s important to back it up with specifics.

    To comment on your article, the Bible may not have examples of angels specifically appearing to children but that doesn’t mean it will never happen. The term angel, as I’m sure you know, comes from the Greek angelos, which means “messenger”. So there’s really no reason why a messenger shouldn’t bring a message to anyone, young or old. Of course that doesn’t mean that any “messenger” is bringing a message from God, but neither does it mean it is a demonic messenger.

    If God wants to send a supernatural agent to present a message or to protect someone from harm who are we to say he can’t do it just because it doesn’t fit in with what we expect? Of course we should test, and the gravest error of much of the bad teaching of today is the way it so often seeks to avoid being tested (usually with something like a spiritual sounding false dichotomy like “God won’t let you be deceived”, which is akin to the question “have you stopped beating your wife?” as far as its logical strength goes).

    You make a lot of good points in this post and elsewhere on your blog – my concern is that the strength overall is massively diluted when the points you make appear to be little more than counter-assertions from your own opinion rather than from the authority of Scripture. It’s the sort of thing that makes it very easy to defend against, because even the false teachers can point out the fact that you’re merely presenting a different opinion and therefore you’re teaching another gospel and are therefore accursed as per Galatians 1:8. Of course where you can demonstrate using Scripture that they are preaching a different gospel it’s harder to do that.


      • Arguably so, although I’m not the one making a specific claim that a specific individual is a false prophet.

        My point is that if you want to highlight flaws in someone’s teaching it makes more sense to back up your counter-assertions using Scripture rather than leaving them presented as a conflicting opinion and little more. Chances are your readers will either be fans of JPJ, in which case they will ignore your conflicting opinions, or hostile to the teaching of JPJ in which case they won’t need to read your words to take the same stance.

        Making the case that Scripture is useful to validate an opinion doesn’t seem like the kind of stance that specifically requires a Scriptural basis. If we are to “test all things” that means we must test the teachings of JPJ and also means we must test words like yours that look to show he was a false prophet. Test my words too, although once again asking for Scripture is a far cry from arguing that someone’s teachings are in direct opposition to Scripture.

        It really would be more useful to show the Scripture to back up the points you are making than to write off replies with a one-line response.


        • If you were to read the comments, or the last article that I just put up, if you were to compare the teachings of these people I speak of with the bible you would see a glaring difference. It doesn’t matter what I say because people are not listening, only arguing. Very few open their bibles any more. This conversation goes on and on and I have long tired of repeating myself.


          • I do, and I did, and in my first comment I thought I’d made it clear that I agree with your stance in general. If all you’re going to fall back to is “why don’t you read the Bible?” then there’s little point writing posts that refute teachings of the wolves because unless you’re going to post chapter and verse you’re never going to reach the people who need to read it.

            To use an example of another teacher I regard as a false teacher, we might say “Brent Engelman teaches that when visions start we should trust they are from God and accept them like a child, but he neglects to say that we should test the visions before accepting them”. This merely presents his opinion and our opinion and gives no reason why a reader should accept our opinion over Engelman’s. If, on the other hand, we were to say “Brent Engelman teaches that when visions start we should trust they are from God and accept them like a child, which is in clear contradiction of the calls in 1Th 5:21 and 1Jn 4:1 to test all things and to test the spirits” then there’s a clear pointer to anyone reading why we believe the way we do.

            “It’s in the Bible” is all well and good but I’m sure you know the Bible is a large book and when people have grown used to being spoon-fed a verse here and a phrase there that support the teachers they follow, even if the verses are wrenched out of context, it’s unlikely they are going to hunt for verses that support a writer they may not know, who is apparently making assertions with no reference to Scripture.

            If you regard each article you post as being a one-hit chance to reach the people caught up in this poison, figure what they will need to keep reading. If they read one article and ask their teacher about it, if their teacher has the chance to say “well that’s her opinion, but you’ll see she doesn’t provide any Scripture to back her stance” then the chances are that person will write you off as the false teacher and never return – at least the false teachers use Scripture even if they do butcher the context. If you force the false teacher to explain away the Scripture, maybe the seeds of doubt will continue to nag at the reader and they’ll come back to read another article. Seriously, think back to when you were caught up in this stuff and how you would respond in a situation like that, and what it would have taken for you to either come back and read another article or write a blog off as being written by someone who “just didn’t get it” or was “too carnal to understand” or whatever other terms are thrown around.

            Another blog I read (bethcavete, I think you’ve commented there) has an article about a hatred of discernment. Beth described burning the gates to the castle for all to see, and my view is that the truth is far worse than that. Once the enemy is inside the gates he will gladly appoint himself as the watchman to make sure that the truth of God’s word doesn’t get a look in to highlight the enemy’s presence within the gates. So the deceived will gladly follow the Scriptural call to test, they’ll just test using a warped yardstick and so reject the wrong things.


            • John, I wrote this long ago and you are right, probably more of a charge to pay attention than to bring out scripture. Not all of my work is well-written and so maybe I will take a look into that.


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  14. Hi M’Kayla, I have been reading through several articles on this blog and I would really like to talk to you. There is so much to say and I don’t really want to share too much here.I have especially questions about the whole counseling approach. Would that somehow be possible?


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