A Correction to Doctrinal Error in Heavy Rain

Mike Rogers of Closing Stages has done a combination book review and corrective doctrinal teaching of Kris Vallotton’s book Heavy Rain which according to Vallotton is the next step in world take-over dominion style.

Please go to his site to hear the audio file. It is well worth the time.

Heavy Rain in Review

17 thoughts on “A Correction to Doctrinal Error in Heavy Rain

  1. I would like to take a second to say this audio is very well worth the time. When Mike posted it, I listened to it while working and had to take the time to re-post it even though I was up to about 10 foot over my head in work to do.

    I can promise it will be worth your time. THANKS FOR POSTING IT SISTER M’K



  2. Hi Mkayla
    Just finished listening to that audio , I guess my initial response is “All power to the religious meglamaniacs” . The unholy Bethel/ Morningstar alliance may well transform the nations as they so believe they have been instucted to do , but it will resemble nothing biblical, it will only be fuel for the fire on judgement day when all that is without the Spirit will be consumed. You know , it never ceases to amaze me how many of these people are apparently given private revelations that are so contradictory to the Word, and yet sooooo many others fall into line and follow.


    • HI Ray.

      I commented back to Mike and one of the things I said is the power and authority to manipulate others Johnson seems to have that others before him did not. I’m thinking even Copeland and Hagin didn’t quite accomplish what Johnson has in the last few years. The only way I can explain that is the power of the demonic. It’s like Eve in the garden x 100! What do you think?

      The longer I am out of it the more stupid they sound. But boy did they sound right when I was a part of them. It’s very creepy and I wonder how far they will get in the delusion or if God will put an end to the work. I think of the tower of Babel, but then, God may allow them to take it to the end this time. Those who have been “saved” and brought up under these lies are compelled to believe they are truth. I know someone who was “saved” at a Randy Clark conference. All that he knows and all that he has been taught has been strictly charismania. So what of all the rest? What of the CHILDREN? This is like a horror story lived out.


  3. I went and listened to this audio. We can see we are being led to a government religion and it is the “church” helping to bring it about. I thank God for those such as yourself and others who can see what is coming.


    • Yes, and isn’t it odd that when Christ first came into his ministry the Jews believed He would be restoring Israel politically? But He told them differently – “My kingdom is NOT of this world”. So many are missing the truth in Jesus and are living, working, and even paying for a “cause” that does not exist. We cannot change the world through rule, only through Christ. And even then, this world will fade and be transformed into another, all will be burned up. What good are their mountains? They clearly are not hearing the word and I pray and hope many others will join with me that the Lord will show mercy and deliver them from these lies.


  4. Hi Mkayla
    Re – your comment on BJ influence being demonic, I believe that enough of Bethels theology and practice has exposed as being not of the Spirit, so I think that the only obvious conclusion that can be drawn from this is that it is indeed the spirit of antichrist that has taken over Bethel.
    I wanted to make a couple of general comments on the audio clip , and the first is that Kris Valloton’s comment about churches being centred on doctrine , as opposed to ” Apostles” as father figures drawing people together as a family, is almost identical to the same directive that BJ came out with maybe 2 yrs ago. Are we really surprised?. I get the distinct impression that Kris V is merely another mouthpiece for the spurious doctrine that the enigmatic BJ is already successfully disseminating, and if nothing else , demonstrates just how influential BJ has become.
    The second point I want to make is this , debunking this particular stream of Dominionism is not a difficult thing to do. There are the private revelations and interpretations, the known assocciations with equally suspect ministries and prophets , and last but certainly not least is that nothing pertaining to dominionism will stand against the light of scripture. So the question that begs to be asked is why do so many people look past all the faults in this and why is it so attractive.My two cents worth here is that I fully suspect that dominionism has a vast appeal to the flesh, more specificaly , to the rebellious flesh of man. For mine , dominionism is the new tower of Babel, a process if you like, where man has a means by which he has a determination in his own future.The notion that Christ cannot return until the NAR and the Emergents have transformed society into something that resembles the Kingdom of God , in reality sidelines the Holy Spirit in this process, but it must be emphasised that it is not by might , nor by power , but by the Spirit alone that the kingdom of God will be established. So perverted and deceived are these dominionists that they will unlikely ever comprehend the the fundamental [ and simple ] teaching that the scripture provides ;

    Luke 11:20
    But if it is by the finger of God that I cast out demons , then the Kingdom of God has come upon you.

    The simple and unassailable truth here is that the presence of the Holy Spirit in the lives of believers is the manifestation of the kingdom of God [ heaven] on earth. While the deceived keep on looking for a physical kingdom , the elect understand what Jesus meant when He said My kingdom is not of this world.

    Thanks Mkayla for keeping up the good work.
    God Bless


  5. I believe Paul is a thorn in Bill Johnson’s side. I saw a clip of him quoting Paul that if anyone else preaches a different doctrine than they shouldn’t follow them etc…. Well, he was saying that about Paul’s doctrine and how Paul had a thorn in the flesh. Bill wants to go by Jesus’ more because when Jesus healed it was instant. It was really creepy to listen to. The audience was just quiet at first, then they “started to get it”. Paul is our apostle! It was disgusting.


  6. @ M’kayla: I’m guessing that Erin is referring to your 8/21/10 post on Bill Johnson Falsely Teaches Scripture. The first part of the video that Bart (Heralding Truth) provided and which Craig transcribed in the comments, along with many of the comments, covers BJ’s denigration of Paul and implying that he preached a “different gospel” because he wasn’t healed of his “thorn”.


  7. @Erin… He does not imply that Paul was teaching a different Gospel. He says that some people have interpreted Paul’s “thorn in the flesh” to be some sort of sickness. I think the intention of the comment was to say that he disagreed with the idea that Paul had some kind of sickness poured out onto him by God. The overall point he was trying to make was that sickness comes from the devil and not from God.


  8. When Paul received the “thorn in the flesh”, he ASKED the Lord to remove it three times. He didn’t command it to leave his body, “plead the blood”, check his bank account to be certain he had properly tithed (he didn’t have a bank account), find the “elders” to lay hands on him (he was the “elder”), bind the spirit of “thorns” or any other such thing. He prayed in faith and ASKED Jesus to remove the thorn from his flesh (not from his mind or soul).

    Jesus informed Paul that “My grace is sufficient for thee.”, in effect telling Paul “no.”

    Yes, the thorn was a messenger from satan. Yes, the Lord allowed it. Yes, Paul put his faith into practice and “asked, sought, and knocked”; but the LORD allowed it for His own purpose. How unsearchable His ways.

    I believe Bill Johnson has stated that he refuses to accept a theology that allows for sickness. That is a different gospel.


  9. There is so much confusion going on in these posts. Until encountering Bill Johnson’s books, I had been oppressed by a spirit of religion, and shame, and guilt. A Christian who turned away because I had been conditioned to follow a set of rules, the law, out of fear of hell, fear of punishment. A doctrine that only caused torment. The power of God came upon me in my deepest moments of despair. His love manifested within my heart, and I was led to Bill Johnson’s teachings, and God began to show up more and more. Am I saying that had I not found his teachings I would have still been lost? No, but I am saying he has been a great blessing to me. The Holy Spirit is truly at work in this man. I am not one to usually participate in arguing with those who are obsessed with perpetuating such asinine and useless criticisms against the people of God, because you can not see the truth with blind eyes. Bill and Kris are at the forefront of a new spiritual awakening, and all you intend is to cast doubt into the hearts of believers in the gospel of Christ? What gospel are you people reading? Are you not aware of what Jesus said? “Greater works then these shall YOU do” Who was he talking to? Is Jesus a liar? Satan is the accuser of the brethren. Who is promoting what Jesus taught? Who is hurling accusations of an anti-Christ gospel? It is very convenient to accuse anyone who makes us aware that we are responsible of taking up the mandate that Christ set before us, because if we can convince ourselves that a life without miracles, a life without power in Christ, is acceptable, we will never rise to the occasion. What shall we do? Shall we sit around on our ass and wait to get raptured up? Or shall we get busy becoming like Christ and manifesting greater works here on earth to win the lost? Rather then wasting time building a case against those who preach the truth, I suggest you examine your own hearts, above all else. I pray that the blinders will fall of your eyes through the divine love of Christ. Peace be with you my brothers and sisters. I love you deeply.


    • SS, you are greatly deceived in your thinking of Bethel, Bill Johnson and his gang. The reason why I know this to be true is because their teachings, those we call “charismania” are not found in the word of God. I have no doubt that you have had great experiences. So did I. So did people I ran with. Greater works? Did you read the book of Acts? That’s the greater works, the gospel was preached, thousands were saved. They weren’t chasing after the golden calf of gold dust, gold teeth, angel feathers and trips to the third heaven. Your perspective is skewed because you have listened to these liars. Please return to the bible and to the Lord.


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