a retelling of the good news

aaahhh – is she posting? Is she actually writing something? Oh, she is!

I believe that God created man in His own image. Two of them to begin with, who were placed in a beautiful place to live, without hassles. God walked with them and spoke to them every day and enjoyed the company of His creation and called it good. Eventually these created beings made the wrong choice out of their God-given right to free will, the right to choose. They did not listen to God, their Father, but listened instead to a well-formed lie woven by a crafty manipulator. They called the lie the truth and found that it was good. They were banished from paradise and the hassles of life as we know it began.

After that God made many covenants and attempts to reconnect with His people throughout time. He gave them laws and blessings and waited patiently, with what He refers to as longsuffering, (we say this loooonnngsuuuuferrrrriiiiiinnnnngggg) for them to respond. But man’s heart, despite all the good given to him, is wicked. Man continue to fail and to live in sin by making bad choices through the act of  – again – God-given free will. I want to add here that man’s continued failure came as no surprise to God. This is an important point because the next thing  – the greatest thing – was not God’s plan B. God was not like Ford Motor Company who some decades ago needed to get a better idea. No, this plan, this one plan to end all plans had been there before even the foundation of the earth. He just had it tucked in His back pocket for the right time to come rolling around. Waiting is not a problem to God because to Him one thousand years is like a day. You and I can’t hardly wait for the next payday to come rolling around, much less the next thousand years!

Ok. So enter Jesus. Yes. Jesus. Yeshua. The Messiah, the one and only son of the Most High God. Jesus, although He is called the Son of God is really God Himself, God in the flesh and as we are told He is called Immanuel. And, wait because it gets better. Jesus, the son of the Most High God, the one sent to deliver God’s people was born of a virgin named Mary – just a little bit of a girl really, not a big bustling woman, not a well-known well dressed woman of the world that all the girls looked up to, just little bitty Mary who had never once had sex.

An angel, a real one not called Emma, visited Mary and told her that the Lord had found favor with her and that she was going to have a child and that the name would be Jesus. When she asked how that was to be, her having still been a virgin, the angel not called Emma told her that she would be visited by the Holy Spirit.  This is a true visitation because the same angel told Mary’s boyfriend Joseph the same thing. Then, nine months later she indeed gave birth to a baby boy, the one who would even deliver her. As a woman and a mother this astounds me. Some days we have thoughts or realizations that make us feel like we ran splat right into a wall. This is one of them and it happens every time I think that a young girl gave birth to the one who would deliver and save anyone who called on His name – the name above every name. Jesus is the one who came to bring people back into relationship with God. He came to fix that bad decision made by free will that banished man from paradise. The one that made us have kids with runny noses who wouldn’t do what we said despite our blessings and rules. The kids who insist on doing things their own way. The ones with free will. Ahem.

There’s another splat into the wall moment coming up. Jesus grew into a man and began to teach all who would listen about the Father and about the kingdom of God. He chose twelve men who liked to make bad decisions, but they listened and believed in Him. Because Jesus is God He could tell the condition of the hearts of those around Him. Many hated this because they wanted to continue to live out their lives of the lie, the one that began by the crafty manipulator so long ago. Oh no. Crafty never left the scene. He’s always been there. So in their blindness and their insistence on being right – their pride – and because of their kinship to Crafty, they hated Jesus and planned to get rid of Him. But many others loved Him and to those He gave forgiveness of sin and eternal life.

Jesus taught his disciples many things and spoke of His own death and the coming of the Holy Spirit who He also referred to as the Comforter. He told them that the Holy Spirit would convict the world of sin, which is the need to make those dumb free will choices, and that He would lead them into all truth. Then the dark and dreadful day came that Jesus was arrested and taken from them. He was brought to a court where His destiny had already been decided. They mocked Him even though He loved them they beat Him nearly unrecognizable. Then they put nails in His hands and feet and hung Him up that way to die on a cross.

This is what I do not understand.  People can read this story and those facts of the savage brutality, which was an act of wicked, wicked hearts, and they are not moved. Yet, those very same people will rise up against someone who mistreated a dog.

Only three people remained to watch Jesus die. Only three. One was His mother Mary. Then they took Him down, loving wrapped Him in cloths and laid Him alone in a tomb. Have you buried a child?

Those who hated Jesus thought it was the end. The crafty one thought he had won and that people would forever be under his rule. He often thought more of himself than he should and is how he ended on his belly.  See? They were all wrong. Jesus rose on the third day, defeating the death of the cross, winning the battle and proving to all that He is indeed God. Because no one has the power to overcome death but God himself. Kinda lets the umph out of those vampire stories, huh? Team Edward, Team Jacob sorry, you lose too.

So let’s look at this because for a long time I never got the Jesus gotta die thing. When the two were removed from paradise and were banished it was because of their sin in not doing what God said. Sin leads to death. Don’t debate it in your mind just accept it as fact because as  humans it will never make sense. It is necessary to give life to live, so then God came to earth to die in our place so that if we believe in Him we will not die but live forever. Yes, there is a physical death but then we live again with Him. It’s another wall moment because God who is capable of anything could have done any of it or all of it differently but chose not to. That is His love. Don’t miss that point because it is the greatest. And if you decide to do the free will thing here and miss it you will die in your sin and it will be too late to change your mind later on.

Jesus appeared to His disciples and again, taught them, ate with them, comforted them. The first person who saw him was not a man, but a woman. Ha. I love that. It’s one up for the girls. Jesus told His disciples He would be leaving them. He told them to go and wait in a room for the gift to come. As they spoke He went up into the heavens and they watched Him go. Again, there was a visit from an angel, this one wasn’t Emma either, who told them they would see Him come again in the same way they saw Him leave. Translated this means that Jesus will be in the heavens the next time we see Him! The Message says Jesus disappeared mysteriously. Don’t read the Message. It is a book authored by the crafty one, yes, he has books, and this one is a well hidden fact.

The disciples and followers of Jesus went to the room and waited. It was their turn for longsuffering. They were obedient to the instructions of their Lord and were given the gift of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit. He came with might and power. He came with great authority and as Jesus said He would, He convicted the people of sin. Many were saved – 3,000 at time and the church of Jesus Christ grew in number and influence. They knew they had the free will choice to do stupid and purposeless things. They knew that they  could leave at any moment and return to their homes and to their jobs and wine vats. But they chose something different. They chose to hear the word and they received it well. Many of them gave their lives so that others could hear the news of Jesus Christ. And to this day it continues. That is the basic story of the gospel of Jesus Christ that is to be preached to all creatures to the ends of the earth.

And you thought Steven Spielberg could tell stories!

Jesus came to earth in a way that the people did not expect Him to. They were waiting for a ruler to restore their kingdom. Jesus told them His kingdom is not of this world. I have no doubt that the Holy Spirit came in a way that they did not expect either. Who could prepare for such power? Have you ever spoken the word of God to someone and you knew there’ s no  way those words could have come from you? That was the Holy Spirit. It’s a kapow deal. A step up from the wall moment. But make no mistake, the Holy Spirit is Jesus, He is God and in that He is distinct. Crafty has his own distinctions and men have once again traded the truth for the lie and called it good. Catch that.

This is a simplified version, my having had no forethought on this at all! – and that is the point. It is simple. But, its such a crazy story  – not my retelling but the real complete unabridged one found in the bible.  And still some days, even though I believe and know that it is true I wonder why… or how. It is bizarre to my human, selfish mind why God would go and do the things He went and did. But, I think that’s the point.

Who else would do such a thing but God Himself?

splat right into the wall.


True it has been quite some time since I have written anything. I write this today in honor of Jesus Christ who is everything the bible claims He is. Today is the 1st anniversary of Steven’s death, my husband’s beautiful son. I write this in honor of Christ who does give us life abundant. In Him there is peace, there is joy and the hope of things to come when we see Him in the clouds on a day when there will be no more tears or sorrow or death. Then day when God makes all things new. He holds all our tears in a bottle, ya know?

13 thoughts on “a retelling of the good news

  1. M’kayla, love your posts, this one in particular. Praying for you and your beloved, for His peace and comfort to rest upon you during this season of grief. Thank you for being steadfast in your convictions; I share them, and always look forward to your posts because I know you have been there, done that (as I have). Blessings to you and your family. Love, Julie


  2. Mkayla, have you any info on Gordon Lindsay or his Christ for the Nations school? I did look them up online and he was associated with Branham, Coe, Roberts and the healers of the 40-50s. A gal from our CLB just went there last week to the school for a year. I am really struggling with wanting NOTHING to do with Charasmatics or any of the gifts. I don’t feel the love of God because I am always looking for whats wrong with every christian instead of walking in love.


    • I know that the teachings and teachers during that time were every bit as dangerous as those we see today. They were seeds, I think, and tho there are different “streams” they all tie into word of faith and the supernatural. Your friend is on dangerous ground and I am sorry to hear it and sorry to say it to you but it is the truth.

      I am familiar with Lindsay because of the studies I did under RHEMA Ken Hagin, and the Christ for the Nations is where Cindy Jacobs set up her 40 Days of Prayer and Fasting headquarters in which I was on online “intercessor”.

      I believe there is a difference between the true gifts and the false ones. When we learn to spot them they are not so hard to divide. The true gifts are done in love and meekness, etc. reflecting the character of God. The false are loud and boastful, full of pride, reflecting the character of man. I understand exactly what you mean when you say you are looking for what is wrong. I have done the same. But ask yourself if you are really looking or is the false becoming more evident?


  3. Hi Mkayla
    It is indeed the greatest story and one that I will forever be grateful to God for.I’m not wanting to detract from the gospel message here, but in a way that is pertinent to the essence of the gospel , the calvinist within me finds it strange how Adam ,while in a state of perfect union with God ,and of his own freewill chose to disobey God,then what chance is there then for a fallen man to choose righteousness?My intent here is not division , but this is an issue that I have been studying lately and I’ve come to realise that if it were not for Gods grace and His intervention in my life Id probably never relate to this good news.

    God bless


  4. Mkayla, let me give you some background. My hubby and I have been married 26 years. We attended a non-denominational church for 26 years. We were involved in leadership. Taught kids classes, did women ministry, helped physically build the new church, gave financially, well you get the pic. We have always had the gifts moving in the service. It’s the only thing we’ve ever known since salvation. And I believe back then it was good. We’ve had teachings from Wimber, Larry Lea, Joyner, Patricia King, etc. In the 90’s some went to Toronto. We tried several times to go, but God always put up a roadblock for which I am thankful. But it seems like we climbed on every bandwagon that came along. I never felt good about the “more Lord” thing. And we would do meetings with some other churches. I had bad knees and would get prayer for healing. I was always told “there is your healing” but it always got worse, so I struggled with thinking I wasn’t spiritual enough. At one meeting everyone was falling and I wasn’t and I heard someone say ” something is wrong here” and then just walk away. I never felt like I meassured up. We did talk to our pastor about some things but got the standart answers as others on these sites have gotten. Anyway, with all the words of “you’re gonna have a ministry doing such and such” and it never manifesting, I began to feel like I was chasing the carrot at the end of the stick that was always before me but I could never quite reach it. Fast forward. 3 years ago after much prayer, hubby and I sold our house , gave the kids their stuff and bought a used motorhome to travel. We did volunteer work at christian camps. Loved it. But after only a year and a half, my cancer returned and his mom got dementia and we had to move back to take care of things. While we were traveling, at one place we attended a Baptist church. They had people getting saved every week! And we loved the people. So when we came back ,we went back to our former church. It was okay. We were welcomed at church but not really having fellowship outside of the church. But as always, there were flag wavers and dancers and now they do prophetic art, and as always at the end of the service, there is words of knowledge and prayer teams at the altar. (Sorry so long). Well, they are now involved in Bethel stuff. As I was dealing with cancer, 2 other friends at church(about 160 members) also had cancer. They ended up dying about 3 weeks apart. Of course, there was prayer that they would be healed. What sent us out the door was I was grieving about their deaths and one Sunday the word came that God wanted to heal baldness and toenail fungus!! I thought well God, is that all the better you can do? People dying of cancer and you want to heal that? Then the pastors wife started to lay hands on me and I pushed her away. Haven’t gone back yet and it was 7 months before anyone said anything! There is so much more and I would love to email you. I have been researching things online for 3 years now and I just can’t seem to move on. This church was my life. All that I believed has been challenged. I am not joyful and feel so distant from God. We don’t attend anywhere now but have recently started going to a home bible study lately. I don’t know if we will ever go to and institutional church again. Oh, and of course when I got cancer, I was given stuff from people, one being I had cancer because of unforgiveness. So that beats you down too. I had such joy when I was first saved and I just want that back and the close walk I once had with God. As I look back, I see how I slowly replaced my own time with the Lord with wanting a word and the feelings and now I struggle so to get back there. Thanks for listening.


    • Sally, I see now why there is such similarities in our charimania pasts! I am sorry to hear about your illness and the way you were treated. Oftentimes, because we cannot explain or change the circumstances we find ways to explain them as if in doing so will make them easier to bear or make them go away. So many have become nothing more than deaf parrots, repeating the first cliche line that sounds good. I say deaf because they are without true ears.

      You said all that you once believed had been challenged. You also said that the church had been your life. Now you know the truth or at least are on your way toward it. The process takes time, its like there are layers that need to be stripped off. With every lie we once believed there is the truth of God found in His word, and in that we find freedom. The fact is, the joy of God truly does await you, all the joy you once experienced is still there. Don’t think about it as “going back”. Think of it as going forward. For a time I also felt stuck, but then one day I realized I wasn’t anymore. And for you to be in a bible study is a very big deal – a very big step. I believe the same can and will happen to you. You are a Christian and you still have a ministry. Even tho you can no longer identify with that church, you can identify with Christ and because you believe you have a ministry. We don’t need an association to help the lost, the hurting, the confused. There will be more like us.

      Be encouraged. 🙂


  5. I loved your beautiful article and I am so sorry for your loss. As your mind is flooded with memories on this anniversary, may the Prince of Peace uphold you and your family with His strength. His grace is sufficient…He will give us rest from all our weariness. Praying for comfort for you and the God of all comfort knows just what you need and will provide it. I, too, am looking forward to my true home where there will be no more pain, suffering, grief, lonliness, tears or hurt. Only the beauty of Christ to gaze upon! May God bless you.


  6. Mkayla, that was not only wonderful but beautiful! You gave the gospel in such a simple and down to earth way, that even a child can understand. Plus maybe some of those goody people who believe in Emma.

    The fact that you could write this at such a sad anniversary date, shows the grace of God in your life. You be forever blessed!


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