Sorry Rob, God Wins.

Ken Silva at Apprising Ministries has spent a good amount of time exposing the goings on behind the growth of the Emergent Church, namely, Rob Bell, founding pastor of Mars Hill Church in Grand Rapids, MI.  Ken was one of my sources when I first started to read up on Richard Foster.

On his site is some very important information and videos revealing the true “faith” of Rob Bell as expressed in his new book, Love Wins. I know these vids are practically viral, but it is an important point to make.

Here’s one –

A few years ago, while my husband and I were still attending the local Vineyard church, Bell’s video series Nooma was quite hot. We were urged to join the group the next time around because it was so good. And, ‘OH, M’Kayla, you are in leadership…’.

Nooma, is what I can only describe as the dumbed down word for what should be “Pnuema”.

Greek Lexicon


The third person of the triune God, the Holy Spirit, coequal, coeternal with the Father and the Son

  1. sometimes referred to in a way which emphasizes his personality and character (the \Holy\ Spirit)

  2. sometimes referred to in a way which emphasizes his work and power (the Spirit of \Truth\)

  3. never referred to as a depersonalised force

That name “Nooma” all by itself should have sent out warning signals all the way to the top dog. It didn’t. So, once a week we gathered together in a cozy living room with other members of the newly formed “life group”. We watched the vids and looked around at each other with stupefied looks on our faces. Rob has mastered the talent of “spin”. He is cool, he is intelligent, he is convincing. And in a teaching environment where there are no open bibles – well, you know where that leads. We knew something was off but we could not put even one of our malnourished spiritual fingers on exactly what it was. No wonder, we were starving for real bread, and no one was as much as even buying the flour.

So, with Bell’s revelation in that there is no hell – lately waxing universalism – in that we will all go to heaven one day, I am wondering what in the world the Vineyard people think of him now.

What is it that you have laid your eyes upon, lent your ears to that has sent off the same warning signals?

Heed the warning.

Proverbs 16:25

25 There is a way that seems right to a man,
But its end is the way of death.

13 thoughts on “Sorry Rob, God Wins.

  1. If Bell is not certain whether a man (Ghandi) , who heard the gospel and made a definite decision NOT to believe and follow Jesus Christ, is in hell, then is he certain that he himself is going to heaven?

    If Ghandi’s rejection of Jesus Christ by no means makes it certain that he went to hell, then a person’s acceptance of Christ by no means makes it certain a person goes to heaven?? Stupid, eh.

    If no one can be sure who goes to hell, then surely no one can be sure who goes to heaven? If hell is doubtful, then so also is salvation and heaven doubtful.

    Forgiveness of sins? According to Bell, you could never be sure: there’s no assurances, no promise of God. That would be narrow-minded fundamentalism, right?

    Rob Bell is WORSE than a normal unbeliever, cos he makes Jesus out to be an utter fool.


  2. M’Kayla,

    I know someone who thinks it is fine to listen to Bell’s teaching and the like even if he is wrong sometimes. He believes that we should go to God with everything we hear, and God will show us what we should keep and what we should throw out etc… He doesn’t throw the baby out with the bath water. I feel that we SHOULD throw out the baby with the bath water because Paul taught that. He was very strict to keep the gospel pure. The more I study the Word, the more I see that we are not to have any part with apostasy. My friend says we are to love and have grace and that I am living in fear. Am I being unloving?


    • Rob Bell is a perfect example of someone who is “wrong sometimes”. We are never to listen to them, and we as a church are to expose them and set ourselves apart from them. It has nothing to do with the expression of love, except to love the Savior and to follow Him above all others. The usage of the word love has been twisted to manipulate and to infer things it does not mean.

      Bell is not teaching scripture, he is teaching his own opinion, being wise in his own eyes. Your friend – along with many of us – is wrong.


    • The “eat the meat and spit out the bones” mentality seems to be prevalent not only in the hyper charismatic church.

      No wonder the church is choking on so many “bones” these days!


  3. M’Kayla,

    When I told my friend how we are to follow Paul’s teachings, he said something about worshiping the creator instead of the created and that Paul was just a man like us. I’ve heard things like that from Bill Johnson….. scary.


  4. I think I will have to agree with Ingrid Schlueter – it’s not the obviously false teachers like Rob Bell or Brian McLaren that are the problem but the ones who are doctrinal themselves but join hands with the false teachers – thereby leading the unsuspecting into damnable heresies – what Ingrid calls the “bridgers”.
    IMHO, Rob Bell is an apostate just like Carlton Pearson. One who has tasted of the heavenly gift i.e. knows enough to know better and yet with deliberate will rejects the plain truth of the Scriptures. There is no more repentance for him. He has chosen hell.
    The battle for the rest of us is to reach those who are deceived and perhaps return them to the fold.


  5. To All,

    I have been attending a seeker sensitive church that is fairly new. So far, the teachings have been biblical, although VERY light weight. In one of the sermons, the pastor quoted Rob Bell saying that everything is spiritual ie. the trees, the birds etc… It was only once but the fact that he used his name at all means that he must respect or admire him, right? This pastor also calls us “Christ followers” a lot like Bell but has said that he was a “Christian” too. I don’t think he is as far off as Bell but I am concerned. Any thoughts about me staying or going?


    • He is teaching pantheism – everything is God, everything is spiritual. Not a biblical teaching. As to “Christ followers”, I believe the bible referred those who were called “disciples” or one who is disciplined – and those who tagged along for the ride could be called followers. There is a difference in those two words – quite telling. Maybe the reason why sermons (any) are “light weight” is because there is no true Holy Spirit power behind them. Anyone who quotes the emergents at the pulpit needs to step away and consider their own position.


  6. Yes, I think you are right M’Kayla. I feel this church would be in the category of an “outreach”. There are people there “seeking” and most of the messages seem to be for them and just some for the sheep. It really does seem like an outreach a church would do once a year but it’s every Sunday. The question is, do I stay? My kids LOVE it, of course because it’s fun, fun and more fun. 🙂


  7. Emerging Rob Bell is one slick guy. I’m trying to discover whether Rob and Mike Bickle/IHOP are bubbas. I mean, they are both along the same “special” lines – ya know?


    • Thanks Erin. That IS a great article!

      Most people are unfamiliar with the Hegelian Dialectic and what it means. In a nutshell the goal is uniting opposing positions in the hope of reaching a consensus of understanding by focusing not on each other’s differences but on each other’s similarities and common ground. The process was developed by a Marxist named Georg William Friedreich Hegel. This is a system of “group-think” or the “herd mentality.” Some key words are unity, tolerance, diversity, feelings, fellowship, loyalty (to the group), conformity…control. This should strike a chord with many Christians. Ever wonder why contemporary churches want everyone involved in a small group?

      I’ve heard this expressed “we are more concerned over what unites us, than what divides us”.


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