did the serpent wink?

Proverbs 16:24-26

24 Pleasant words are like a honeycomb,
Sweetness to the soul and health to the bones.
25 There is a way that seems right to a man,
But its end is the way of death.
26 The person who labors, labors for himself,
For his hungry mouth drives him on.

“The Good Book: A Humanist Bible,” subtitled “A Secular Bible” in the United Kingdom, was published this month (Source article and video from CNN, partly quoted below)

The question arose early in British academic A.C. Grayling’s career: What if those ancient compilers who’d made Bibles, the collected religious texts that were translated, edited, arranged and published en masse, had focused instead on assembling the non-religious teachings of civilization’s greatest thinkers?

What if the book that billions have turned to for ethical guidance wasn’t tied to commandments from God or any one particular tradition but instead included the writings of Aristotle, the reflections of Confucius, the poetry of Baudelaire? What would that book look like, and what would it mean?

“Humanist ethics didn’t claim to be derived from a deity,” he says. “(They) tended to start from a sympathetic understanding of human nature…”

Had he considered instead Jesus Christ who is God incarnate, our High Priest who suffered the death of the cross for our sin, and can sympathize with  our weakness, being tempted as we so are, he would have found the true meaning of human sympathizers! Hebrews 3:14-15 What better form of sympathy could there found be if not in Him? Have these so-called great thinkers of mankind gone as far as that? Have they come even close? I think not.

And I am reminded again to not be cheated or deceived through philosophy and the traditions of men which have nothing in Christ (Colossians 2:8), yet is a high thing set to exalt itself against the knowledge of God (2 Corinthians 10:5)

Such is the way of humanistic thinking and to ask “what if?” as though mankind has found a better way.

It is also found in the thinking of Eugene Peterson (The Message) who believes the best way to understand God is through “lectio divina”.

Or as we have come to understand the Charismatic Movement is to experience God through supernatural dreams and visions, trances, ecstatic dance and song, soaking prayer and prophetic words.

As William P Young has written The Shack, “Where Tragedy Confronts Eternity” whose story is as make-believe as his universalism three-part goddess-man thing.

Christianity has become a sort of free for all where anything goes, not anymore so far removed from the world it was told to guard itself from. When self-reason replaces the clear teaching of scripture, what else is left for us but a deeper deception? Will a man outthink God?

We as a civilized society can no longer accept the fact that our sin will condemn us and in our finite thinking and limited wisdom we have thrown out the only one who can save for a seemed better way to satisfy our empty souls, until the moment comes and those souls will be required of us.

Mr. Grayling stated  “No intention to offend -”

I wonder, did the serpent wink as he shared the forbidden fruit?

13 thoughts on “did the serpent wink?

  1. Yes, he probably winked, and snickered, and when Adam and Eve got out of hearing range, he probably howled with laughter, believing he had triumphed over them, never suspecting that the Father had a back up plan. Totally deceived himself, Satan to this day continues to deceive the unsuspecting, the prideful, the self-assured! Just like in the days of old when the Jewish religious leaders twisted the words of the Lord and added and took away from His instructions, there are Millions (dare I say?) who have convinced themselves they are right with God, as they add to the Word with their “New Revelations” and take away from the Word, saying, “did He really mean…?” ” And he will be sure to tickle their ears and rub their tummies full of the yummy good news that “God loves you so much. He sent His Son to die for you so He can use you for His purposes here. He needs you just the way you are. Bring your friends. Sinners are welcome here. We judge no man. Love, love, love is the word of the day. We love everyone. Jesus died so you can be wealthy just like He was. He is soon going to transfer the wealth of the wicked to you so that you can bless others. Get ready, Get ready, Get ready! He wants to use you to clear out the hospitals, heal the world of AIDS. He can’t do it without you. Oh, come over here and learn under the “real” Women of Faith. Oh, come over here and learn under the “mostly accurate” Prophets! Oh, come over here and meet your “new” Apostle. Oh, come over here and receive the “New Anointing.” Oh, come over here and be healed. Oh, come over here and learn how to grow your Church. Oh, come over here and learn about Kingdom Finances, Oh, come over here and get in position for the coming World Revival. Oh, come over here and ride the next “ Wave of the Holy Spirit.” Oh, come over here and “rock and roll.” Oh, come over here and “laugh and howl.” Oh, come over here and “soak, soak, soak!” Oh, come over here and try something “New”! Oh, come over here and try something “Old!” Oh, come, “light some candles,” Oh, come, and “chant your way through a labyrinth!”, Oh, come, and “chill with some Christian Yoga! Oh, better yet, come get your “profitable bodily exercise and Zumba in your Churches, Oh, come pick a mantra and Be Still!. Oh, Oh, Oh, Lucky you, you don’t even have to come over here, just send us your tithes and you will be blessed! Oh, come over here all ye faithful, joyful and triumphant, come ye, oh come ye over here! Oh, come let us adore you, Oh, come let us adore you, for you are certainly number one! And in the middle of all the deception, he sets up a detour on the Road they like to call the “Road Less Traveled” and without suspecting a thing, it is as if they have crossed over onto one of those horizontal escalators that transport multitudes in an effortless, predetermined direction, the very opposite direction they thought they were going. And the blind continue to lead the blind off a cliff! They are Sheep Faaallllllinggggg awwwwaaaaayyyyyy!!!!


    • haha! Karen – my blog in a nutshell.

      So many are being swept away. Why? Because they “want more”. And the pastors are allowing it in the hopes that “some one will be saved”. Saved into WHAT? And those church members who practice other religions are allowed to do so as there is not a thing wrong. What of them? What of their souls?

      There is a dreadful day coming for many who have chosen to make the bible say what it does not.


  2. Great article.

    On a side note, I had heard enough about The Message that I wasn’t really interested in it and had no desire to know more, but a friend asked me about it and I felt I should do my own research to give an honest opinion/appraisal.

    I simple went to BibleGateway and put in some comparison verses.

    Wow, that was an eye opener. If you are post-crazimaniac you will recognize some of the style and language of The Message. I don’t know which came first- the language in The Message or the language of the emergent/charismatic hybrid, but they are much the same in places.

    Here’s a few examples:

    “God is sheer being itself” somehow derived from John 4:23

    “reconciling all things to Himself” becomes

    “Not only that, but all the broken and dislocated pieces of the universe—people and things, animals and atoms—get properly fixed and fit together in vibrant harmonies…” in the message,

    ‘vibrant harmonies’???? Hello, New Age anyone?

    and Col 1:18 normally reads “He is the beginning, the firstborn from the dead, so that He Himself will come to have first place in everything. For it was the Father’s good pleasure for all the fullness to dwell in Him,”

    gets turned into “So spacious is he, so roomy, that everything of God finds its proper place in him without crowding.”

    I had a bit of a conversation once with an emergent/charismatic-hybrid-type man and just scratched my head because my questions about holding Scripture as the final authority was met with astonished reassurances that he, too, held scripture in the highest regard. I know he used the Message when he preached, so now I see that we were both using the terms “Bible” and “Scripture” but if his bible is the Message, we were not talking about the same thing.


    • Eugene Peterson has taken the bible and turned it into a New Age manual. It sounds good, is easy to read and so is readily accepted. Amazing that more and more I see a connection between New Age, the Emergents and Dominion Theology.

      I appreciate the work you have done in exposing The Message. Every little bit helps get it out there.

      Blessings! 🙂


  3. There are days when I so long for a time past when if a person said they were a Christian, you pretty much knew what that meant and what they believed.

    The hodge podge mess out there that is so well described by Karen is simply appalling.


  4. There was a time when I thought what all of the above that Karen wrote about could be called Christian. Now with the infiltration of New Age Spirituality on the rise within churches everywhere I am not so sure anymore. What do we call each other that have surrendered heart and soul to Jesus Christ, who walk according to the Word of God? I agree Cherylu, I really miss those days.


    • smuse58, I call us the Bride! “And the Spirit and the Bride say “Come, Lord, Jesus!” I almost believe (I don’t know that it is true but I love the idea), that when The Spirit and the Bride get in such complete unity about really wanting Jesus to come back, when the Bride’s heart cry is nothing but Please, come, Lord Jesus!” Then, in a twinkle of an eye, we will see Him, FINALLY face to face!!! What can be better than that?!


      • I can agree that true believers are referred to as the Bride. But the rest sounds like Mike Bickle who teaches that Jesus cannot return until believers call Him back, which is not so. It will be Father God in His perfect timing. And yes, there will be nothing better. I’m planning that I will be on my face for a good amount of time – so overwhelmed just to be there. Yay! Come Lord Jesus!


        • Yeah, we really can’t guess, can we? I Never heard of such a teaching! The secret things do belong to Him. That would make a good “New Revelaltion”for Dominionist wouldn’t it. We could all just think Peace and also think “Come Lord Jesus” all at the same time and convince a bunch of people it will happen if we are faithful to “Think it all at once. ” Actually, I could see some goofy teaching on this as the New Agers join with the so called Christians. It is really scarey the potential for deceiving many! Just please scratch that I ever had the thought. I had no idea! Please forgive me! Our thoughts are not His thoughts. His thoughts are much higher than ours!


          • Karen, don’t worry about it. 🙂
            Actually, I think the New Age/Occult is where they get their ideas from! They are all the same – word of faith included. Yes indeeedy – it is out there!


  5. Hi Mkayla
    The serpent may well be winking and laughing , but his day will come. The tragedy here is that God has provided us with a reliable version of His word , and yet , there are still many who choose [ yes christians] to look for God in other places. I came across this article some while ago that addresses the despicable intent of the Message, this was a real eye opener for me and I’m dismayed that the Message is still being commonly used in some churches.



    • Thank you so much for posting this, I get sick to my stomach when I hear the Message being quoted. One time, at an old home group I was in, I read a passage of scripture from my ESV Bible. When I was finished, another member exclaimed,”wow, I didn’t really understand that, let me read it from my Message Bible.” No one corrected him and in fact, I got the impression that everyone was grateful for his “help”. He often would sing the praises of this paraphrase that was recommended to him by the pastor.
      I have since heard many different pastors use to Message to supposedly bring “clarity” or “deeper meaning” to a “difficult passage”.
      I will definitely be passing this link around.


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