Video – Hate Speech Crime in Action

You must watch this video from reclaimoklahoma!!!  Christians arrested, held and charged with felonies in Pittsburgh, PA for speaking against homosexuality during a rally!!!

 It is the hate crime/speech mess in action!!  I didn’t know they were actually doing this, but they are, and to 70 year old grandmothers!!!!!  The charges are way harsh, more than most true blue criminals deserve or receive.

  What have we become as a nation, and should we just let these people live the lies of the enemy and end up in hell because of their ignorance to the word, to the saving grace of Jesus Christ???

This is harsh and severe and meant to shut us up from speaking the truth!!!

19 thoughts on “Video – Hate Speech Crime in Action

  1. WE ARE a Christian Nation – (contrary to what the Prez has said) and “we the people” have every RIGHT to voice it.
    This is horrible.


  2. I wonder if everyone can see how the devil passed this hate crime agenda through.
    Using our own fears, distrust, and prejudices against us he’s taken away our right to openly stand against sin.
    Yet on the other hand didn’t Paul say that they that would live godly in Christ Jesus shall suffer persecution? Didn’t Jesus promise us persecution?
    We have an intrusive religion. Jesus didn’t back down when they threatened Him, Stephen didn’t change his tune when facing the Scribes and Pharisees, Paul was stoned and still kept preaching this offensive gospel.
    I thank you for sharing this video… I just wrote a piece on homosexuality on my own blog and planned a whole study. I guess considering this it would make sense to back down and recant my earlier statements, but rather I think I’ll write more and expose this sin all the more openly. We as Christians must stand against all sin.
    In this live and let live world, we shall suffer persecution when we bring God’s judgments to light, but we’ve got to be willing to share this truth out of love and concern for those lost and dying souls.


    • youtube=
      This is the link. I found it on youtube and let the author know I was going to link it here. You could probably do the same. Which reminds me I probably need to go back and get his name to give him credit. oops! So much to learn.

      Blessings on you. 🙂


  3. mkayla, this made my blood boil! You know what? We can expect more and more of this for ANY THING we say. Satan knows his time is short and he is coming at us with a vengence. Sure it is meant to make us be silent. But let’s just dig our heels in and decide to get that much more vocal. Who is man that we fear him? Rather we fear God with an awesome fear!


  4. I have been on Apathetic – USA – Main page. I don’t know if you have seen it but I sure wish it was printed on front page america’s newpaper for EVERY american to see. Check it out. I don’t know what else you people can do other than the sooner you get him out then maybe you can get your country back . I just read (click on Sharia watch -UK Reporting on Islam) the police women there have to cover their head etc before entering into their mosque. They I beleive have brought into England sharia law. OH AMERICA WAKE UP.


    • Yep, Apathetic USA is quite a scary place. I don’t think I’ll spend much time there. A couple of things hit me funny – the fact that they think American women are going to cover their heads when in this country they harldly cover ANYTHING, and the comment that Hollywood would give up the gay life for polygamy. I don’t see this happening anytime soon!

      Obama isn’t the only problem we have, there is a whole crowd behind him, in office and out.

      How is Canada faring these days?


  5. You are so right – You know he does have a whole crew behind him and behind them a pile of people who doen’t want hear the truth .In Canada I’m scarred to say anything you know the old saying no sooner said right now we are O.K. N.D.P. do have a hard time getting in here as they are Sociallist and usually its has always been between Lib. and Conservative right now we have conservative party Harper nobody is complaining that I know of I think everyone is blown away about the states (Obama) cause we hear and are reading he is a socialist (I think its deeper than that) we in canada have seen what a mess England is in cause of Muslim and US is starting with Obama we hear how he doesn’t want to support Isreal well I’m sure I don’t have to tell you about that. That is why US was so Blessed as a nation I know you know what I’m talking about. This morning I was reading on i news and this guy was saying Obama had lied on his Illinois Bar application caused him to have to surrender his license to stop further investigation. I found it very interesting. Then they also stated that he also refused to turn over a vault copy of his birth certificate to Philadelphia court, to hide the facts about his citizenship. In the meantime I had just finished reading on an other website say oh Obama is a American citizen legally Hawaii just released a copy of his birth certicate (Which I don’t believe) I think they are trying to hush things up. Well, I ‘ll cut this short and keep on praying Obama days are numbered very short ,him and his whole gang. PS I wonder why Michaell Obama was debarred and nobody can seem to find out why – Interesting


  6. sandra, you can bet there is more going on behind the scenes! I don’t know what it is but it goes much deeper. Did you all know Obama never released ONE public record about himself. Not one! He was the first leader (I just can not say the P word) who never did. Strange isn’t it? We have people fighting for his birth record over here to be realease… andthen on the other hand we have some “conservatives” that are calling us “birthers” nuts. you can’t tell me there isn’t more going on. The media is so embedded with eachother. Most of them are whores and pimps! with the exception of a very few.


    • I just saw Obama’s rating – 40% strongly disapprove. He is at -8, when just 20 days ago he was at -2.
      Someone call Michael Savage! hehe


    • Once upon a time a president went into office because he had a great love and respect for our country and because he was dedicated and had a proven history of SERVING.

      Where did this Obama come from? He is not fit for the office he holds. He walks in and decides everything about America is wrong and needs to be changed and tries to convince everyone to go along with him and to do it quickly. This is not the actions of a true president, but of a dictator.

      The birth certificate problem should not be. It just goes to show he has something to hide. By we are not suprised, as most of the people he has put into office to destroy America along with him have questionable pasts.

      I say, whatever he has planned for the people of this country, whatever he wants done to families, his own family should go first. Let them be the first in line to receive what he is handing out. No special treatment. He is not a celebrity, but a servant of the people. And let it be so for all in his office – Pelosi, Clinton, Rohm, on and on… Then we will see what kind of change they insist on!


  7. You are so right he has come out of the blue I pray to God that he opens the people’s eyes not only for our sake but also for the Isreal . I also prayed that Obama everything he try’s to do crumble. You know I can not believe the oppositions(I hope I got that right) would not read before they sign a bill I mean these are suppose to be highly educated people(but doesn’t the bible state the more educatation they get the stupider they become) Then we have the people who think he is God honestly I don’t know what they are smoking over there, well you know it’s just like Michael Jackson they go on and on like he is a saint the guy was nothing but a purvert let a lone anything else. But, going back to Obama you will never convince me that he is not a Muslim and one could not sit under the teaching of Wright for 20 years and come out ok – that alone tells you how Obama thinks cause you and I probably you sit there 5 min. and say ok thats enough. So he never released one record – very interesting – I don’t care this guy is evil. What I can’t believe how he got to be president no proof of birth certificate or anything and this guy just comes out of the blues here I am I promises you a change and everybody says yea, he’s in. I watched Glenn Beck he was good and explained just how all the pieces fall into his operation. I also like M. Savage he also got it. well guess I should cut this short. Have a blessed day.

    comments edited by m’kayla


  8. Sandra, the link to the url you are using as your own does not work. It is the same name as another blogger’s who comes here. Do you have a blog of your own by the same name as redeemed hippie? We are confused and so I am asking you to clarify this. Also, your e-mail address does not work as I have tried to notify you of this by e-mail rather than leaving a comment here. The e-mail was returned both times.

    Since I require everyone to give a valid e-mail, please correct this and the url the next time you comment.



  9. I thought I’d let you know that this is a valid e-mail I don’t understand why it returned twice to you, cause I know others have not had any trouble sending me an e-mail. This is the same as I use on Redeemed Hippie.


    • Sandra, the e-mail is being returned because you typed
      Thinking this was a typo I changed it to .com and it was still returned. So there is something else wrong.
      Why are you using Redeemed Hippie’s place as your url? It doesn’t link either.


  10. OK I changed it maybe this will work – I’m not the greatest on computer’s but, I saw URI (Just happened to look and knew what you meant) so I changed it and corrected com.


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