Rallying to be Heard

I have a problem with these prayer rallies. I believe that we should pray. We are told to time and again in the word to pray without ceasing – 1 Thessalonians 5:17; to give ourselves continually to prayer Acts 6:4; Jesus prayed in John 17,; He taught His disciples to pray in Luke 11; two disciples prayed in the temple in Acts 3:1; Peter prayed on a house top Acts 10:9, and many more scriptures on prayer, the laying on of hands, prayers that healed, delivered and even raised the dead. But nothing that resembled the prayer rallies we see today.

Jesus told his disciples to pray in secret, to go in your room and shut the door, and not to be seen by men as they hypocrites do, or to use vain repetitions thinking the many words will get the prayer heard –  see Matthew 6:5-8

Additionally, I believe that fasting is biblical although I am not big on fasting. Not because I am not willing to part with my food, but because I just don’t get it. And all the teaching I’ve had and things I have read don’t help me to get it either. But, I will say that fasting, like prayer according to Jesus is done in secret and we don’t make a big display or even tell others that we are doing it –  see Matthew 6:16-18.

So why these big displays of prayer and fasting rallies held in large stadiums with lots of advertising and cries for support- a large following of people and a large cash flow to go along with it?  Are the prayers of these people heard by God? Or, it is just a display to control and manipulate thousands at a time towards an agenda of man? Usually there is a reason behind these rallies – to end abortion, to end homosexuality, to honor marriage between one man and one woman, judicial rulings in the courts, etc.

These issues have become so rampant in our society because they are life choices made by people who do not honor God or know Him. Prayer for the lost is one thing, but making different choices takes a change of heart  by each individual person in their own recognition of sin and need of forgiveness. In other words, the only thing that can change these choices is repentance. God is not going to suddenly rule over man and his choice to choose how to live. No amount of prayer will change that truth because it is of His own design. And that is a good thing. Because the moment God decides to stop giving us the freedom to choose is the moment He stops loving us.  God does not change and that is a very good thing too.

But again, there is more to the story, I think. These rallies are done by those who think they can change the world with their words, speaking the right things at the right time in accordance to what is viewed as “God’s will” or what God is doing in “this hour” because we are at a “pivotal moment in history that can be missed”.  Someone has “received the prophetic word” or the “mandate” from God “for such a time as this”.

You’ve heard me mention Dominionism/Kingdom Now and Word of Faith.  I think these people leading these rallies and those attending probably feel they are doing the right thing. But, they have a misguided sense of the issues of prayer and fasting and the coming last of the last days.  It could be that these leaders are so caught up in their mindsets of “doing” they have forgotten what the bible says in these areas. I don’t know the reasons for sure; only the Lord knows the condition of each heart. That is not for me to know or to decide on. So, I give them a little wiggle room  and I do pray for them to see the truth. However, what they do, regardless of why is still wrong nonetheless. And those who follow them share in their error – see 2 John 8-11.

We, as Christians, are not establishing a righteous kingdom of God here on earth.  Jesus will do that when He returns, and He will return in bodily form where every eye will see Him and every knee will bow in honor that Jesus is Lord. He will rule the earth as the Prince of Peace and Lord of Lords. He is the only one who can do these things.

We, as Christians, will not take on the embodiment and become a “corporate Christ”. I get yucky shivers even typing those words! This is the belief behind “Manifest Sons”.  There is not a “birthing” process taking place in the spirit realm to bring this about. The birth has already happened, long ago in a manger. His name is Jesus. He is the Messiah.

We, as Christians will not become “Joel’s Army”, nor is God raising up an army comprised of youth to do His will in the last days. This is a misconception of the verses in Joel 2 about an army of locusts. That scripture and the thoughts on a “Joel’s Army” have absolutely no relation one to the other. It is complete lie.

So there is my short little  run down on four movements going on in the church. They are heretical but very widely believed. I always like to read Matthew 24 and Revelation 21 and 22 when I wonder what is to happen.

I digressed slightly because all of these tie in to some points I have been making on my blog and some articles I am getting ready to write.  I see things going on that Christians are upset about.  And I have been upset right along with them, as you have. But my thinking in some things have changed and I have found myself looking more to the truth and in how Jesus handled things when He was here.

I started talking of prayer rallies. But I have also been wondering about the National Day of Prayer we have here in America and why that all came about. I also have been thinking of the Muslim Prayer going on Sept 25 that so many are upset over. But these are upcoming things to write about in the next few days. I hope you get a chance to come back and read them. I would love to hear your views too!

Until then, may the Lord protect and guide all that you do and grant you His wisdom! Maranatha! 🙂

6 thoughts on “Rallying to be Heard

  1. Comment by Redeemed Hippie (I had to move this comment as I had some problems with this post.)

    Great article. One of wonderful discernement and truth. Yes, truth! I too, always think of the prayer closet. so what gives men the right to tell — command — we put on flesh for the whole world to see? What if everybody just stayed home and prayed? Well, maybe the “leaders” would not be able to “lead” huh? Maybe it would just have to be Jesus. Which is good enough for me.
    This kind of thing may look good on the outside but I think sometimes Jesus looks at it and calls it a whitewashed tomb! Just my opinion.


  2. RH
    It doesn’t add up, does it? They make claims in the name of God and get the world to watch, and then nothing they claimed comes to pass – we never see it. Instead, we see things get worse and worse. Do they think the unsaved are not seeing this? It’s all such a big show – look at us, how much we fast and how long we pray, and look at our numbers, we are a great crowd gathered together. The false leaders, teachers, prophets and evangelists are always about big numbers. They don’t care a thing about the one person next to them, only about the masses.


    • Hi! Thanks for your encouragement. Praise God He is bringing us out! I’ll have a look at the article as soon as I can. Again, thank you for your thoughtfulness in sending it to me. I need some real teaching in that area.

      Blessings to you. Pop in to comment as much as you’d like!


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