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With all that is taking place between Bethel, International Association of Healing Rooms and the ongoing healing ministries/ministers who think they have a special gift of healing –Β  this new research site on SOZO is going up.

Pass it along!

Bethel SOZO Research Group

13 thoughts on “Information on SOZO

  1. Hi M’Kayla,

    I just have a quick question to clarify something better in my mind. You are saying that the Sozo method is what is used at the Healing Rooms International minsitries, right?

    Thanks so much!


    • Yes

      I do want to clarify – the local HR I was a part of had a specially written program. There seemed to be a lot of hoopla over “covering” per IAHR and stupid things that no one can figure out. I think it came down to legal responsibility in the event someone sued. (someone should!!) Everyone wants the fame but no one wants the responsibility.

      I have been able to trace the information and teachers used in our manual back to healing methods of the 70’s which was brought into the church, copied right out of “new age” teachings and methods. I really need to expose it.

      Anything you see Bethel (Bill Johnson) teach, you will see mirrored in Cal Pierce IAHR. Can’t say who thinks of it first, and probably have the same demonic “channel” so to speak.

      Nice to see you cherylu.


  2. Hi, M’Kayla,

    I am just wanting to know some more about Bill Johnson, Bethal church and healing rooms. I have nothing to do with any of these things but I have gone to a healing room for healing and I have spoken with someone affiliated with the church, both rather strange experiences. The healing room experience was very destructive and hurtful, I am still picking up the pieces from the confrontation. I spoke to someone affiliated with the Bethal church the other day and he just seemed to ask rather strange questions and mentioned that he believed mediums, physics and others like that were gifted but using there gifts for evil instead of good. It was rather out of place with what we were talking about and I don’t agree with him either.

    They also have a school of ministry and he invited me to come take a look. I personally do not believe that anywhere that God’s word is charged for that God is most definitely not present, and they charge to learn God’s word. I don’t care how you justify it, people shouldn’t and can’t charge to learn God’s word for whatever reason, it is free for all and it should come out of the churches pocket if the congregation wants to learn and people need to be paid to teach it. Better yet people should be teaching God’s word in love.

    Anyway I just wanted to know some more about this Bill Johnson, his church and healing rooms. I am situated in Australia by the way, I also do not trust anyone anymore, only God and therefore I try to do my research on people as best I can. I don’t want anything to do with these people but I would like to know why, my spirit is what leads me and it tells me that it is bad news but I would like to know what I have already welcomed into my life and how to get rid of anything that may be hanging around. I had a very strange event happen when I first came across your website and tried posting something, my computer turned itself and there was no record in my history file of having visited your site, if I hadn’t remembered your name and put that into a search engine with the words Bethal church and Bill Johnson I never would have found your website again. Please email me.


    • Nathan, praise God! The Lord is leading you away from Bethel, and all that goes along with charismania, for that matter. What is wrong? They have a very twisted way of teaching and making scripture say what they want it to, rather than what it does. They are based on Word of Faith – the power to speak things into existence which is a form of witchcraft, aka The Law of Attraction, The Secret, etc. Bethel and the healing rooms are very much into the supernatural, giving importance on what happens in dreams and visions rather than the word of God. The bottom line here is that they are preaching another “jesus” and are accursed because of it. Galatians 1:8 But even if we, or an angel from heaven, should preach to you a gospel contrary to what we have preached to you, he is to be accursed!

      I was very much into these things, but there always remained a check inside of me. That check, I believe to have been, and still is, the Holy Spirit questioning me to question the things I witnessed, the things I experienced, the things I was being taught and passing on to others. What remains? Repentance. Plain and simple. There are no words to recite except your honest, poured out sorrow to the Lord. He will redeem you, forgive you, and set you free. I absolutely believe this to be true. Then, allow the Lord to teach you through His word, to wash from your mind, soul and spirit all things false. Praise Him, because this is an enormous delusion he brought you out of.

      Romans 12:2
      And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.


  3. Nathan, I was told that everything that is “supernatural” originates with God… the devil hijacked these things & now the church is taking them back… & also that for these things to exist, they must have first belonged to God in order for the devil to counterfeit them …. this will most likely be the view of the person you had this similar discussion with…..

    it is creating confusion about what is biblically acceptable for those who stop to think about what is going on in their churches who have partnered with Bethel – because the feeling being promoted really is anything goes! as long as we love each other, & have a culture of honour… everything is A- OK!

    it is folly & dangerous as many leaders do not check to weigh things against the word of God, in fact the scriptures are largely redundant in this regard… well why would you need them if God goes off his own map???

    A church into Bethel will be experienced based – & justify all that goes on through sensing & feeling…. it will not be limited to healing rooms either but spill over into all areas of church life each time people gather together…

    I too praise God that you are beginning to see truth – & you know – the Truth will set you free…


  4. The teaching that everything supernatural originated with God and only needs to be redirected is common in charismania. In this teaching a psychic is just an unredeemed prophet. Once the psychic says a prayer to ask Jesus into his/her heart, then they can start prophesying in the name of the Lord- because it’s the same gift. I have seen this happen in some cases within weeks of the person ‘saying a prayer’ they are accepted as prophetic. No foundation in the Word of God and very little correction of said ‘words.’

    Two (at least) major problems with this. It implies the psychic gift was from the Holy Spirit of God. It makes the “gift” out to be permanent whether the person is Hindu, Buddhist, atheist, Mormon, or whatever, and it just changes focus when a person comes to Christ. This is not how the Holy Spirit works in the redeemed people of God. They were once DEAD in their sin, and by His power were MADE ALIVE to God. How can the previous psychic “gift” have been of the Holy Spirit? How can communicating with demons have been from the Holy Spirit? What, it just needed a little bath, a slight change in perspective, or vocabulary to now be from God?

    The second obvious problem with this teaching is that we see the apostles handling the occultic practitioners of their day quite differently. In Acts 19 when the practicers of the occult receive the gospel, they burn all their occult books and trinkets, and there is no mention of them simply needing a little instruction in how to turn their “old gifts” into parallel now holy “gifts.” In Acts 8, when Simon confused the work of the Holy Spirit with what he was accustomed to (the occult) he was on very dangerous ground. No one nicely took him aside to explain how his old occultic ways needed a little shining up. He was told he better repent and quick!

    The supernatural may have ‘originated’ with God in the sense that He created all things and is sovereignly in control of all things, but the scriptures are very clear that some things are an abomination to Him. Not all things are acceptable to Him. Not all things are redeemed. Some things are of the devil and the believer must turn away from these things forever. They are of a DIFFERENT spirit.

    Some of these teachings in charismania, dominionism, NAR, prophetic movement, etc. have a low view of God. They see Him as only slightly more powerful than Satan, as if He struggles against the powers of evil. As if the powerful devil has taken all these things from Almighty God and humans need to “take them back” for some weakling god.


  5. Hi M’Kayla- can you give me some advice? I sent out several articles to several different churches that were involved in sozo’s. The articles explained that sozo’s are unbiblical and dangerous! Also in the article contained a statement along the lines of “whoever is teaching or administering sozo’s is of the devil” which looking back at it now is pretty harsh. I feel as though I should apologize to them because of that statement in the article. I did not write the article but I still hold some guilt for the strong content of the statement. I don’t know someone’s eternal destiny, only the Lord does. I also fear that I could possibly be a hindrance to their faith because of it. What are your thoughts? Thank you


    • Scott, you were right to offer the articles. The quote you question is correct. SOZO is not a practice of the true Christian church and should come with a strong warning, one I have often given myself. Don’t let your emotions steer you from doing what is right.


  6. Hi M’kayla . Do you have any knowledge of the Christalignment movement coming out of Australia ? In warning some friends about the dangers of following Bethel
    I brought this to their attention , as the son of the leaders teaches at Bethel . He was upset because people were persecuting his parents for what they are doing . Bethel has a statement saying they refute any involvement with Tarot cards ( a well done spin in in opinion ) but aren’t Destiny Cards the same thing ? I see no repentance in what Christalignment does , only so called ‘encounters with the christ spirit ‘ Thanks for any support .


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