“When good men do nothing, they are no longer good.”

“…….when good men do nothing, they are no longer good…… the choice is yours, whichever way one chooses, it’s going to be unpleasant; but only one way leads to truth. What’s the cost and the value? What price will you pay and what will you have of value at the end of it all?”


by Pat Rogers

2 John 11 “For he that biddeth him God speed is partaker of his evil deeds.

No, Jacob Prasch, this one isn’t really about you, you have already been weighed and found wanting. This is about those who surround you.

There’s an old saying…Do something, even if it’s wrong. Think about this….all of this started from asking questions of Jacob (ironically, he was wanting questions). How wrong is that? But at least something was done, more and more light continues to be shed on Jacob Prasch’s conduct and teachings.

At the end of this article, will be a list of other articles that show some of the misquotes, contradictions, lies and error that Jacob Prasch speaks and teaches. Along with, what I am now calling his rage video’s (although there are more than these only a few are included).

His pattern is  one of rage and insults to those…

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23 thoughts on ““When good men do nothing, they are no longer good.”

  1. Hi Mkayla,

    I know this is slightly off topic but I didn’t know how else to get in contact with you. Please remove my comment and place it where you think it will be more suited. Thank you.

    The reason I stumbled upon your blog was that I’d just done the Sozo training and had left feeling very unsettled and that’s what starting my ‘research’.
    Initially when I stumbled upon your blog I read and read and there was a huge fight going on inside of me. I made up my mind to think of your blog as ‘angry and mean’ and that I was not going to believe what you were writing about and exposing. I went back to my usual way of believing, Bethel, WOF, charismania. But one day driving in the car with my husband, the sun was going down, the colours in the sky were beautiful. I felt tears falling out the corners of my eyes and I was thanking God for the big plans he had for me, why me Lord, thank you Lord. Now I’d recently been approached by a staff member at church offering me a job in the admin dept which I happily accepted. I saw this as the Lord positioning me because he was grooming me to speak and share messages he’d given me. Prior to this I’d been having many spiritual experiences, in heaven with Jesus, seeing things, even seeing Jesus in my house. But it wasn’t until this day when I was crying in the car that I realised I was crying about me, me , me. The next day I got on my knees and asked the Lord to show me if I was walking in deception. And it’s been a very hard journey. Especially now at this point where I’m working in the Admin dept of church and suddenly I’m questioning things like This church movement I’m involved in and the more I read and find out the more devastated I feel. Why I never bothered to check out the church movement before my family and I got involved is because I was walking in deception and never even thought to check out the history of the church.
    I’ve made an appointment to see the pastor but I know form chatting to the other two admin ladies, they believe what they’re part of is a good, healthy God ordained church movement. The church movement is called C3 and the head of the movement is Phil Pringle.
    the reason I’m mailing you is because I really don’t have anybody else to talk to with regards to what I’m going through.
    Thank you.


    • Tanya, I am so thankful to hear from you and so very glad to know that you now understand the difference between the truth and the deception. It isn’t an easy thing to recognize, especially when others encourage in the false teachings. I have heard of C3 and of Phil Pringle and I believe one of the churches I used to attend in Washington moved into that as well.

      I would be happy to help you. Just let me know what you need. 🙂 Praying for you.


      • Hi Mkayla,

        Thank you for your reply, it’s much appreciated.

        I noticed my full email address shows up in the comments section is there some way to change this? I’m not sure how to do that.

        Mkayla the last few weeks have been a real wrestling with the Lord and I know now that not having anyone to hash this out with has been a blessing in disguise. I have only had the word of God and prayer to turn to and I know that my faith has increased. I’ve made my decision on what to do based on what God’s word says and not man’s opinion.

        This week I had to attend a C3 empowerment conference as I’m part of the admin staff. I could not believe the stuff we were being taught, think multi level marketing / money grabbing scheme! I’m just amazed that nobody else sees it, nobody! They all just lap this stuff up like its God’s great revelation and wisdom. Anyway I could go on and on but I won’t. I suppose one of my dilemmas was what to do about work, as the lady that has been training me to take over her job is going on holiday for a month in October, it’s a slow hand over process as she’s only retiring end of 2017. I just didn’t want to let her down so I was unsure of whether I should speak to the head pastor now or when she comes back from holiday. But I’ve decided to go ahead with my meeting with the pastor next Tuesday and I’ve decided to leave the decision in his hands whether after hearing my heart he still feels i can fill in for her whilst she’s away and I will leave after that, or if he feels I need to leave now I will leave now. I have peace about it now, before this I was so scared of making the Lord angry by not honouring my commitment to this job.
        My other dilemma was what to do about my children as they enjoy the Sunday School. Do you think that sharing with them the truth about sometimes the Lord shows you something and wants you to go in the opposite direction to where a lot of other people are going, and it hurts and it’s tough but we need to obey the Lord and not man.

        Thank you again for responding. It means a lot.


        • Tanya,
          You entered your name with your e-mail address and that’s why it was showing up. I changed it a few days ago.

          While I do believe it is important to hear from the Lord, it is most important to keep in mind that His instruction to us will never violate His word. We are told to leave these organizations and to warn other for the same. As for your children, they need to know why and it is very important for them to be taught truth just as much as it is for an adult.


  2. When good men do nothing – well what about when the good old boy pastors vote in and tell their congregation to vote in a man like Trump. MacArthur’s and J.P.’s attitude towards women is mild compared to Trump’s. Who would you prefer your attractive young daughter to be ship wrecked on an island with – J.P., MacArthur or Trump. I don’t want to hear the abortion issue thing again. Abortion has been going on since the 1st century. I have never had an abortion and don’t know anyone who has except my ex republican pastor’s girlfriend. It is used every election then dropped after the new guy gets in. Let’s look at who was for Trump. Yes it matters. Jim Baker, Hagee, the KKK and Pat Robertson. What a following. And all the rest. If you are concerned about the women issue, it is not just the pseudo Christian submissive doctrine that permeates the churches, it is everywhere. Satan has really set up a system to degrade women. It is of the world and now of the false religion he has set up in many of the churches. We got strip clubs, filthy magazines, bikini car washes and now Trump. One more serious satanic attack on women. ajc I could go into all he has said and done (plus his favorite word, the f word) but we all have t.v.s and know what type of person he is but apparently we don’t all have discernment. He wants to throw in jail all who opposes him (similar to China, Russia and North Korea). He wants to silence and control the press as these countries do. And no, I don’t want to hear the republican cry that the media is liberal and biased just because they write what they see. American has entered a new phase and it is not a good one – led by the rich and the crazy pew sitters, Decent men who love their wives, daughters and families would not vote a man like Trump in. Thank God, he gave me that type of family. Kind and decent.


  3. Let me ask this. No it is not about J.P. But it is something I can’t help but wonder about. It is not about politics or political. How do people who are concerned about J.P.’s attitude towards women (and MacArthur) vote for a man like Trump. I don’t get it. Yes, voting is personal and the right of most Americans but how can believers who read the bible vote for a man who is so full of pride, commits adultery over and over, doesn’t pay taxes or his employees and pretends he is pro America while sending all his company’s production out of America to China. No, this is not about politics. It is about something that I find strange. “Believers” voting for the same person that the KKK supported. Believers voting for the man that Putin wanted in for obvious reasons. Believers wanting a man in that says he loves war and loves to molest women. What am I missing? And please don’t bring up the abortion thing as not one republican president has done any thing about abortion once they are elected. Not one. It is strictly used before election. How is it that believers who point out what charlatans the t.v. preachers are (and they are charlatans and crooks) vote for the same man that these people vote for? Doesn’t make sense. Why is being a bully called being a take charge guy? Is Trump the guy who will finally bring in the nuclear war that does us all in? Possibly. We all talk about how terrible all these crazy and bad fake Christians are and then the majority of the people concerned about this, vote in the guy they vote for. The bully, the guy who loves the f word. The guy whose attitude about women is the same as the attitude of some of the bad religions of other countries. No, this is not about politics, it is about discernment, real discernment. Yes, escaping from all the vile craziness in the churches is important but there are other important things. Abortion is terrible but so is adultery, molesting women because you can get away with it, talking filthy, lying, not paying taxes and not paying employees is also terrible. ajc AND NO THIS IS NOT ABOUT POLITICS, IT IS ABOUT SOMETHING NOT MAKING SENSE. It is about people thinking they get it because they have escaped a crazy religion and then missing something else really big. Being tricked again.


    • It’s like Jesus said that we will know them by their fruits. One is not better than the other as they all have their place of influence. If you are implying that I speak against poor-mannered men of one sort and support another, you are wrong in that. All the men you mentioned are wrong in their behavior.


      • No, I’m not implying anything. It is just my observation. The “Pastor” of my last group told his sheep that voting for Trump is o.k. It doesn’t matter about his character, we are not voting in a savior. The “Pastor” on the local radio station says Trump is a take charge kind of guy and Obama is a muslim and gay. His mom married a muslim just like so many girls did at my college. Of course so many of them ended up regretting it as they had no real understanding of it. The other “Pastor” I knew, said he didn’t believe I knew Christ or had God’s spirit because I voted for Obama and wasn’t going to vote for Trump. He’s a hagin person even though he has seen all those crazy videos of Hagin’s services and proof of his plagerism. He then started using filthy sexual language I had never heard him use before. Filthy high school words. And said I bet you are on food stamps (to insult me). I am actually, and very happy to have them as my income is below poverty. And all three told me Trump’s wife’s filthy porn pictures were pretty. All three used the word pretty. Must have gotten that from Pat Robertson or Jim Baker. Yes. I am scared of the people who voted Trump in. Thank goodness P. Robertson, Hagee, Jim Baker and all the rest don’t have any more power than they do or we might be put in jail or burned at the stake (Calvin). The sheep that follow anything Pat Robertson and Jim Baker say.are stupid. MY OPINION. And I stick by it. All this talk (not you) of bother and sister love coming from people who like Trump. This is why I left the crazy church system and will not go back. I guess adultery is o.k. with them as most of them have been involved in it. I guess doing nothing for the poor and hoarding your ill gotten gain is something to be admired. The poor after all deserve it because they are stupid enough to pay their taxes and actually work for a living instead of ripping people off. No, I don’t mean you but so many of these good Christian brothers and sisters become you enemy (yes I know what I am talking about) because you don’t vote republican. I guess Obama wasn’t the anti Christ after all, just a democrat. ajc


      • M’Kayla, You are right , it is about their fruit. Look at Trump’s fruit, look at Pat R.’s fruit, Look at Jim Baker’s fruit. Look at Kenneth Copeland’s fruit, Look at Hagee’s fruit, look at Arthur Blessit’s fruit, Look at Benny Hinn’s fruit. All Trump supporters. And then let’s look at the man who these people call the anti Christ (Obama) Good to his wife. married a decent woman, has a decent, normal family, never heard him used the f word. These people don’t even know what the word anti Christ refers to. It is not the mythological man they all are waiting for. It means anything, anyone who is against Christ or tries to replace him. The popes and rulers of old who called themselves god on earth and demanded worship under the penalty of death. The ones who would not let you buy, sell or get married without their seal.. The antichrist thing started in Christ’s day as he said. The bogey man anti Christ fable started in recent history. ajc


        • It is important to remember that God is not political. He called His people and acted as their king until they decided they wanted a man instead. So, in voting, we do our best to select the candidate we feel to be best qualified as POTUS. We should do so with the understanding that the choice is not Christian, but one that will stand up for the values of America.

          As for the anti-Christ, there has been men who are types and forms, yet it is not time for his unveiling. Obama is a very dangerous man and has done great damage to America. Who is to say if there will be an end to it even after he leaves office. But I don’t believe he is the anti-Christ either.


    • JP, Johnny Mac and Trump are all the same, different playing fields. Your frustration is very understandable. The article addresses outright error and deception and believers looking the other way when one of their favored leaders shows their ignorance and obvious distain for the scriptures by botching them so badly to try and “prove” their pet doctrines. They’ll all look the other way and try justifying it as a “ non essential “ so they don’t have to take a stand when the Word is mutilated; when in fact changing and twisting scripture goes against the VERY essential doctrine of the Word itself. We should not be surprised then, when they also follow them in worldly matters.
      These men may speak out against the deception of charismania but they also teach their own error with their favored pet doctrines that they manufacture by hacking scripture. I agree that many do escape “crazy religion” like charismania, only to be entrapped again in yet another form or flavor of it all over again. We need to be ever discerning and always watching, not following any man or man’s religion and always testing those we do listen to or watch……ALWAYS. I’ve listened to both JP and Johnny Mac, I’m thankful to God, that after my rescue out of charismania, He placed in me a safe guard of sorts, not to get caught up in following any man to closely …. i.e. blindly. While it has been difficult, challenging and frustrating I never once considered overlooking the error or trying to justify their mishandling of the scripture. It’s hard to learn these things because we are taught and conditioned to “follow men” by the indoctrination of the process and programs of the church over the past centuries. I’m still working through it all still today and have a long way to go. We should be angry and very much on alert but not surprised.


  4. This is the last comment I am going to make on this site. I don’t imagine it will be published. Let’s be wary of any man who rants and raves and wary of the bad people he chooses to have around him. It is not just religious leaders. It is all leaders. Some of these sites are becoming or have been just little religious clubs. Calling someone a brother or sister just is not enough. ajc


  5. There is something that could be helpful in this. In the 70’s when I was saved, their was a movement called: The shepherding Movement. These people were a part of the latter rain. They were into heavy shepherding . Part of it was insisting that both women and even pastors have a male covering. It was like a pyramid effect. I’ve heard JP preach against heavy shepherding, but it’s the same thing he promotes. Some of the leaders in Calvary still believe in this. Some saw the error and left. If JP left that cult ( children of God ) and then joined with Calvary Chapel , he appears to have kept that doctrine. You can type in that movement on the internet, then keep an eye out for the heresies in it. Simple truth, the Lord is our shepherd, he purchased us with his life. We belong to him.


  6. We were in one of these churches for 11mo. Then they had a conference with a so called prophet, Bobby Conner. My husband and I knew this man was in gross error. Our daughter did research and found out about domi ion theology the NAR etc. Are there true prophets today?


    • Edie,
      Through my research I came to the understanding that true New Testament prophecy is the act of one or more – teaching, edifying, rebuking, etc. through proper use of scripture. I highly recommend a word study, using Strong’s to help come to proper understanding. Bobby Conner was once one of my favorites and I am thankful to have been spared continued deception.

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