Video: Proposed Health Care of Elderly

Very good Youtube video by bobparis with Betsy McCaughey exposing lies of Obama’s health care of elderly.

Betsy’s website can be found here.

This is why we are  –  – screaming – – !

5 thoughts on “Video: Proposed Health Care of Elderly

    • The people have a right to have their questions answered no matter what they may sound like, no matter what kind of labeling has been stamped on their foreheads. President Obama has promised transparency, so if this is true of the man why does he spend so much time babbling on about other issues while avoiding the one every one wants answers to?

      I am not a racist or a hater of anyone. I simply want the truth. I am sure there are many people who fit the same description. Unfortunately, I don’t trust the government, no matter what they say. They have a very long history of not doing what they promise, and are way overpaid, mispend our money and then expect us to pay more. Not to mention the fact they are far too involved in our private lives and decision making and family business than what was originally designed. Little bit by little bit they are taking over!

      So, we will see, my friend. Thanks for sharing your blog.


  1. If Obama is so concerned about money why did they purchased 3 planes for their use. This is the lowest of low. They should throw him out on the street. I heard the beginning of little speak – We are in the right direction = what a joke he is such a Liar I can hardly stomach to look at him. Enough said from me I just had to air out.


  2. WOW. How abominable. I have had cancer for 3 years and I am 56 years old. My oncologist told when I was first diagnosed that if I had been a little bit older, he would have considered my age and I wouldn’t have gotten as aggressive as a treatment because they look at the number of years you have left. It has already been going on and most don’t know it. It is so sad where we are heading, but even if this election stops it for now, we know from God’s word that eventually things are going to get really bad anyway. God have mercy on us.


    • Sally, I am sorry to hear of your condition. God have mercy – YES, and give us wisdom and peace when the bad days finally come regardless of how they play out in our individual lives. He is the only one who determines the length of our days.

      Blessings to you my dear.


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