Escape from Bethel

The following interview helped many people and I wanted to get it out there again for those who are in need. Peace and blessings in the name of the Lord as you continue to search for His truth.

Escape From Bethel   (click to listen)

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6 thoughts on “Escape from Bethel

  1. My former church was in this and I confronted the leadership to no avail and left. It’s so overwhelming, and it makes me feel like I’m too small to do anything about it. I also feel like I need deliverance from whatever “came in” through the laying on of hands, fire tunnels, SOZO and “prophetic words.” Thank you for standing up for the truth.


    • Hi Lavonne. The only deliverance you need is one of repentance before God. He will forgive you, drive the demons away and restore your mind. I came out of the same things, having no one to help me, except Him. His work is complete. I think we will both agree we had enough of other people laying their hands on us. God is powerful and mighty and pleased that you have heard the voice of your Shepherd and walked away from all these false movements. Here to help any way I can!


  2. Fortunately, I have never been involved with any of the things mentioned in the interview. I appreciate your efforts, M’Kayla, to educate those engaged with things like fire tunnels, SOZO etc. I discuss these people (Bill Johnson, etc.) with an online study group where I have also learned a lot about false teachers.

    May God continue to bless your ministry here…


  3. After listening to the radio show it made me realize I hadn’t really dealt with it officially and I didn’t want any lingering residual effects. My husband and I prayed together and I renounced everything that happened there. My heart hurts for those who are so blindly being carried away by this because they are my friends, and it hurts for those who are knowingly deceiving because I dread their fate if they don’t repent. Your site is one of the first I found when I was going through it. I’m thanking God for freedom, and praying for everyone so stuck in this deception. Thank you for exposing this and being help for those who God leads to the truth. 🙂


  4. Reblogged this on m'kayla's korner and commented:

    This is an interview I did nearly three years ago. Many people have said it was helpful, so I wanted to reblog it. Blessings, and peace in the name of Jesus as you continue to search for His truth! ❤


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